Joy and sorrow the electricity supplier countryside trust difficult to promote the huge increment of

Joy and sorrow the electricity supplier countryside trust difficult to promote the huge increment of


"what time can we like online shopping in the big city, can choose express, enjoy the same low postage, but also the same day, return again soon?" in Yunnan, Dali Miss Li often issue such a sigh. It is not difficult to find, in the commodity diversity and logistics is relatively poor four or five lines of urban and rural areas, people want to purchase electricity supplier channels will be more intense.

at present, the domestic electricity supplier pattern has not yet settled, the competition will be more intense in the coming years. However, the business enterprise has to kill red eye in first-tier cities, into two or three lines and the rural market has become the business understanding of the election, at the same time, online shopping trust and logistics line two or three and the rural market constraints gradually. How to expand this emerging market, is a common problem faced by the electricity supplier bigwigs.

potential opportunities:

network penetration has increased space

electric virgin market incremental huge

"Hello, this is × × express, have your express, may I ask you at home?", "you can rest assured that express can go to our city, you can buy on the internet"…… Half a month before the Spring Festival in Gansu, a four line city courier Liu every day will then repeat dozens of times, while the user has online shopping to confirm the delivery time, while not with the user to introduce their own online shopping express delivery scope.

so many people buy new clothes on the Internet, it seems I have to recruit a few people." Liu is located in the city has a population of 2 million 810 thousand, is a prefecture level city. In order to support the family, Liu joined a courier company, is responsible for one of the 540 thousand people in the district. Liu told reporters, was originally thinking of doing a part-time job, but also to facilitate their online shopping, the results did not expect more than a year in recent years, more and more express packages, from the original single day to the present day dozens of single".

In fact, as early as last March,, President of the Institute, chief analyst Cao Junbo made it clear that the future of the electricity supplier scale increments in the two or three tier cities". He pointed out that from the beginning of last year, the domestic online shopping market by the rapid growth of the mature period, the next three years, China’s online retail transaction volume growth rate of 25%-30% between the year, significantly lower than the growth rate of 2007-2009 in.

, however, China’s electricity supplier market continues to expand. Electricity supplier boss Alibaba, continuous access to the financing of the expansion of the market and the traditional retail Jingdong Su Ningdu continue to invest heavily in the field of electricity supplier.

it is worth noting that China’s Internet penetration is far lower than the United States and other developed countries. As of the end of December last year, China Internet penetration rate of 42.1% compared to the end of 2011, only an increase of 3.8 percentage points. Forrester and Research, an American market research firm, released the 2012 consumer and technology

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