Electricity supplier brand names and advertising language should be how to choose

Electricity supplier brand names and advertising language should be how to choose

this problem will be many people ignore, many businesses in hastily a name, began to busy in the shop or the operation of the site, so that in later development encountered many obstacles on the road and do not know is often limited by the wrong name and advertising language.

don’t think that the electricity supplier brand name and brand name generally does not have what difference, based on the particularity of the platform, the electricity supplier brand name and the traditional industry has many different, at least, there are a lot of additional factors to consider.

of course, such as internationalization, harmonious rhyme and easy to spread and some other necessary properties since Needless to say, every business should do, today, the author lists some people often pay attention to several factors.

first, we must take into account the wishes of Internet users.

you remember at the beginning of last year "donkey nets" event? Ganji took a good advertisement: Chen Yao riding a small donkey and went to, very pregnant sense, advertising language is: ganji.com nothing. Its massive publicity in the CCTV and subway and other media led to the period Baidu index reached tens of thousands of times, up to now, the donkey network Baidu index is also high. Of course, the people of the network then a little smart we do not say. The event focused on the reaction of ganji.com netizens to some image capture and understand there are many things from the original idea, according to the visual experience to users ganji.com subjective thought into "donkey nets".

so businesses in the choice of brands may wish to listen to the netizens about what kind of things, what words are more interested in business to express things is how to think of the Internet users, Internet users only willing to admit, just easy to after the spread of the brand, it is also more effective propaganda.

two, need to meet the living habits of young people.

online shopping, 80, 90 at this stage is still the main force, so the name must be consistent with the habits of young people, if an old name for young people to buy or use this product to his own personality is a big insult, will also affect the people around view of buyers.

for example, Han clothing is now the most typical, the most successful of the Amoy brand, its brand name and AD are directly grasp the characteristics of hot pursuit of the "wave" of young people. Due to the popularity of Korean dramas, Korean clothing in the hearts of young men and women fashion image ingrained, can be described as the representative of the trend. Therefore, there is no time to go to South Korea, to the Korean homes have clothes." This slogan is the center of the young people wanted.

three, the way is not satisfactory.

In the

network is a social text, play text, China is the oldest country, if there is not creative name it a classic, law-abiding, is also a good strategy.

such as the "seafood porch" — "ecological seafood supply base, the biggest city in fishing" >

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