2011 China’s online transaction growth over the world will reach 600 billion yuan

2011 China’s online transaction growth over the world will reach 600 billion yuan

Held in Guangzhou

"China e-commerce ten years before the date of the forum". Forum, experts expect that in 2011 China’s online product transaction volume will reach 600 billion yuan, more than the global growth rate of 20%-30%, foreign trade e-commerce will also be significantly increased.

electricity supplier to help foreign trade enterprise profit margins doubled

export trade of Guangzhou general manager Xiao Youquan said that in 2009, Guangdong Province, the total import and export trade growth, but lower than the 2008 financial crisis trough, the proportion of traditional processing trade in the import and export trade is also in decline, exports of high-tech products is relatively obvious growth.

‘s lower margins also force exporters to look for other ways to boost profits. It is understood that China’s foreign trade enterprises profit is only between 5%-10%, textile, apparel industry is lower, most of the profits obtained by the middle traders. Yu Yang, vice president of global marketing solutions provider, said in an interview with reporters, 5%-10%’s profit is difficult to resist the impact of RMB appreciation, labor costs and other uncertainties. And through e-commerce for export, you can skip the intermediate links, improve the company’s profit situation. By way of e-commerce foreign trade export enterprises can raise the profit margin to 100%-200%."

manufacturing enterprises Baotuan test water and electricity trade

it is understood that many export enterprises have been pushing the test of Electronic Commerce Trade market. In the day before in Dongguan organized by the "President of the GMC forum, Chinese manufacturing enterprises jointly set up a global market GMC export platform. According to the global market group general manager Hu Weiquan introduction, the biggest difference with the traditional B2B platform is the platform to Chinese the most competitive 10 enterprises together, forming the GMC group brand, open up the territory in the international market.

at the same time, in the global market M2C global direct sales platform, can be achieved from the Chinese manufacturing enterprises to the end of the international consumer one-stop online transactions". Through this platform, overseas buyers can directly to the Chinese manufacturing enterprises online orders.

, however, the application of e-commerce in China’s foreign trade is just the beginning. The proportion of China’s online transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales is still in the low level, the proportion of online foreign trade accounted for less, which also means that the future development of foreign trade e-commerce market space will be great." Yu Yang said that Japan, South Korea’s online sales accounted for the highest proportion of total retail sales reached 10%, the United States and other developed countries also reached the proportion of 8%. Although nearly two years of rapid development of e-commerce in China, but the proportion is relatively low, accounting for less than 2% of the proportion of foreign trade e-commerce accounted for the lower proportion of foreign trade.

e-commerce accounted for the lower the more opportunities." Yu Yang expects that by 2010, China’s online consumption accounted for the proportion of retail will be raised to 3%-4%, while the proportion of foreign trade e-commerce will also be a corresponding increase, the growth rate will be far more than the global 20%-30%>

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