Jingdong to buy 5 anniversary shock enjoy enjoy!

Jingdong to buy 5 anniversary shock enjoy enjoy!

May 9th, the five anniversary of the Jingdong to promote the grand opening, by many consumers enthusiastic pursuit. The spirit of " quality without discount, the price discount of " the core idea, from May 9th to May 17th, mobile phone, digital, computer, household appliances, Home Furnishing, sports, beauty, food, baby, books, clothing, shoes and bags of 12 categories, are great in strength and impetus promotional activity, activity you harvest how much? If you feel crazy enough selection of merchandise categories, didn’t take enough? It is absolutely not miss May 18th start of the whole category of highest full 199 by 100, it can definitely satisfy your shopping needs, offer certain shock beyond your imagination!

active link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/H8BLYsCnapzm.html


digital home appliances 5.18 yuan spike

5.18 yuan can buy appliances? This is absolutely true! In May 18th, Lenovo A360e 3G mobile phone at ten in the morning, May 19th 5.18 yuan limit seckill 120 litre Ronshen, mini fridge freezer at ten in the morning to 518 yuan in May 20th, FOMART limited seckill, sweeping robot at ten in the morning of 5.18 yuan limit single product change constantly seckill, let. You

seconds to hesitate!

full 199 by 100, the value of preferential new

May 18th, Vinda paper products, Coppertone, Motom water babies sunscreen and other big men, over 199 minus 100, the discount is astonishing, not to be missed, fast Jingdong

group purchase of panic buying!

more promotions, will go crazy in the end

Jingdong joint manufacturers, the panic buying in the end! NB shoes, BELLE shoes, platinum loaded and South Korea a curious tide brand dress, also benefit a lot, Jingdong wallet first single delivery concessions to help out, shopping is no pressure.

The 5 anniversary of the Jingdong

group purchase, brand combination, millions of profits, explosive goods again and again! The chance of a lifetime can not miss


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