Taobao union APP 2 first look, wireless favorites promotion and holy crap

Taobao union APP 2 first look, wireless favorites promotion and holy crap

recently, Ali mother’s Taobao alliance in early January following the positive constant, the use of interactive investment platform launched super special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, APP mobile client version of the new Taobao alliance and coming online. In the future, Taobao customers only need to board the Taobao app mobile phone, you can view the commodity information, and can be a key to promote the extension to WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and other social platforms.

According to Taobao

alliance APP person responsible for the product, version 2 is a major upgrade based on the original 1 version, launched the promotion of goods, merchandise, God headlines, "just need to" recharge service function, each aspect quite


a commodity promotion function to support a key forward share, a key to promote

product promotion, with the PC side of a single product to take the chain to promote similar functions. With this feature, Taobao customers in the wireless side can also search product promotion. Search results can be sorted in accordance with the commission rate, 30 days to promote the amount of the Commission, the total Commission of 30 days. Find the right to promote the product, click on the immediate promotion can be a key to share QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, the promotion process is simple and smooth. In addition, Taobao customers through APP the product link will be automatically converted to short links, also can be converted into a two-dimensional code, holy crap


two, merchandise collection. Real time synchronization Taobao customers favorites

commodity collection refers to the favorites, this is Taobao alliance APP 2 more interesting features. In the promotion of the wireless side, Taobao customers have two common needs: one is to copy the goods to promote the link, but the wireless link is more difficult to copy links. Second, Taobao customers are also consumers, usually get their own sense of good products on the favorites, these carefully selected if the goods can be taken out to promote the conversion rate will be higher. This baby favorites feature, these two requirements well meet Taobao customers. The commodity collection function with Taobao favorites directly through the implementation of commodity synchronization. If the guest wants Taobao to promote a specific commodity, as long as the goods to join Taobao’s favorites, in the commodity collection open Taobao alliance APP function, can promote the. In addition, the collection of their own or buy a good product to share with others, can also be achieved through the collection of goods. This feature to Taobao customers in the promotion of wireless terminal to provide great convenience.

three, recharge service. Provide mobile phone calls & prepaid game cards will earn promotion service,

mobile phone calls and prepaid game cards service a large group of users, especially mobile phone recharge not everyone are necessities of life. Taobao customers to do the promotion of mobile phone recharge cards and games before, need to have their own website, components can be extended. After the upgrade, all passengers can Taobao services in wireless terminal promotion and mobile phone prepaid game cards, reducing the threshold for the promotion of virtual service, mobile phone recharge during the Spring Festival is a peak, it is a good time for the guest to test the function.


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