My view on the development of domestic insurance electronic commerce

My view on the development of domestic insurance electronic commerce

Internet has changed the traditional economic sales model, the insurance industry is no exception. Network insurance is becoming more and more obvious in reducing operating costs, creating new marketing means and cooperation relationship. Domestic online insurance market continued hot, in addition to the third party insurance professional platform, such as superior network security (, some insurance giant also began to rely on its strong advantage have force "online insurance". Compared to the fund company to develop Internet based investment, insurance company is still lagging behind, but with the Taikang Life insurance giant have launched online insurance products, the insurance industry "online insurance" is catching up.

traditional "online insurance" is the main agent, insurance forms are submitted to the insured intention through online insurance platform on the line, the line to complete the transaction, not the real e-commerce, not really a breakthrough. Some insurance giant while also constantly improve the site function, but it seems to ignore the "naturally or half unconsciously online insurance", at present, only the truly superior network security insurance online e-commerce, insurance of all online, no line components, really convenient for customers.

such as the insurance industry leader Chinese Chinese life official website "online insurance" does not seem to be in an important position, and can be purchased online is always five simple accident insurance products. Another insurance giant Pacific Insurance although also have a "online insurance" function, but only several products of the insured, and must register, which undoubtedly some trouble, and can the number of online insurance products in order to insure and rarely, there seems to be a registered The loss outweighs the gain.

comparison, the domestic "online insurance" do better in addition to the professional third party network insurance platform, the insurance company should belong to Taikang Life Insurance, Ping An insurance. Such as Ping An insurance, the net industry auto insurance because it can save 15% of the cost, so through Ping An insurance auto insurance online insurance business in the industry.

and Taikang one-stop insurance e-commerce platform seems to be more better. First of all, Taikang Life insurance online business covers investment linked insurance, term life insurance, children’s education, comprehensive accident insurance, travel insurance and other visa number of main popular categories, which makes financial investors have more choices; secondly, the Taikang website truly "online insurance", "online insurance" the process is quite simple, from the online application, fill in the policy information, online payment to obtain electronic insurance policy, only needs 5-8 minutes. The traditional insurance usually takes 80 minutes, a large number of intermediate links to reduce the cost savings for the insurance company, but also for consumers to save time, save money. For example, Taikang Life Insurance Online Platform of investment on the financial aspects of universal insurance products – Taikang e financial universal insurance, due to the direct reasons from the intermediary costs, the initial fee is only 2%, and usually a single premium universal insurance products, the initial cost is 5%, it can not save the.

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