Ge Yongchang rebate network business model decided we do the transaction

Ge Yongchang rebate network business model decided we do the transaction

recently, Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte platform for the completion of the rebate network investment, nearly one hundred million dollars in investment, but also in the development process of the rebate network the biggest round of financing, this year compared to the vertical electric business boom, rebate network CEO Ge Yongchang in an interview with science and technology NetEase stressed that "the rebate network business model determines their will direct trading, also because of this mode, to establish a good cooperation relationship with ALI, Jingdong etc.."

The difference,

for the rebate mode with the brand sale website Ge Yongchang said that is its own organization and all information, transaction, the brand through sale only sales, there is no way for the two time with the customer marketing and related marketing, this is different from the rebate network innovation brand sale mode and traditional sale website.

Although the outside world for the development of

, the different views of the rebate network, but in the development of the rebate in recent years, achieved good results, it is understood that the current number of users reached nearly 70 million rebate network, one of the reasons why a large number of users also have the confidence to move on the rebate.

focus on brand sale

as mentioned above, the following the financing plan, Ge Yongchang stressed that the purpose of the super mode is important for the development of the return of the rebate, "from the past to Tmall, Taobao mall diversion, gradually grasp the brands of the wizard flow to the store," he said.


service was born in 2013, from the launch date has been achieved good results, there are more than 5 thousand and 800 businesses access super anti business, in addition the brand sale business in the overall revenue accounted for more than 70%.

Ge Yongchang stressed that "

for business, with beautiful, said the rebate network is different, we always insist on doing the rebate mode, they are not suitable for trade, this is not our strategic direction." When talking about the rebate network and beauty said, and other vertical electric business competition, Ge Yongchang believes that the rebate network business model determines not to trade directly, but also because of this reason model, Jingdong, Alibaba and other giants set up a high degree of confidence.

in fact, in the beginning of the birth of the rebate network, similar sites up to thousands of homes, GE Yongchang this mode of reproduction cost is very low with, but the competition has left their own reasons are: first, consumer trust; second, need to have enough user data, analysis can support the development of super anti business; third and for the brand, if not a large enough body mass they are not willing to cooperate, if not your body, it is difficult to impress these brands.

Ge Yongchang noted, with Apple’s official rebate network cooperation, this is Apple’s first non official website promotions, after the deal to get cash back through the rebate network to buy Apple products, all of which are the results of Apple trust rebate network.

is the basis of cooperation with the brand, the rebate network the next step will continue to expand the brand super return business, and in addition to return > line

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