Valentine’s day 10 marketing case who touched your heart

Valentine’s day 10 marketing case who touched your heart

Valentine’s day and the Lantern Festival this year, the encounter particularly eye-catching. Valentine’s Day is a day of "tying" emotion. Such as flowers, jewelry, and even electronic products, will be through the emotional consumption demand to attract the attention of women, has always been a special season of businessmen battle mall marketing practices is emerge in an endless stream.


was forced to Lily network advertising "netizens shelling is a negative example, dating sites to deliberately rendering the wish of the elderly, to the extreme embodiment, resulting in users in micro-blog launched the" people resist Lily network, Lily network to delete the advertising requirements. Lily network to sell yourself, no ground for blame for their own commercial interests, but, that personal problems at the cost to take the leftover men 3S lady ", even the salt on the wound, can not let people off.

that can form what kind of marketing really capture the shrewd and discerning consumers into


the following cases may give you some inspiration:

1, the "love you together"

of the "love you will together" APP marketing case launched in early 2013, is the first brand ambassador Angelababy 2013 love movie "together" to attract the attention of the user, and then launched the official blog APP Clairol "love you together", to encourage users to express enthusiasm, in February 14th and March 14th two spread through Valentine’s day on the micro-blog platform, a short period of time, the activity has been forwarded thousands of users to participate in, the amount of APP is close to 400 thousand.

2, Volkswagen " romantic full car " contest


Volkswagen " car full of romantic; " decoration contest is a creative dress car video collection activities, through elaborate dress up your Volkswagen will become the focus of attention, whether to bask in their car or dress, to capture others rich creative car decoration, from the exterior to the interior, all you can upload to Volkswagen VW horizon with friends who share the fruits have a unique style of car decoration. In order to attract more users to participate, but also the ad hoc three attractive awesome prizes, enhance the degree of concern.

3, "love seat" ticket

Brazil Airlines

GolAirlines hopes to improve the social media on the number of fans and attention, especially in the Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day launch aircraft, and other services for a lover. The plane is divided into several areas for a lover, and then made into the schematic uploaded to Facebook, who is the first to leave the seat number will get a ticket to anywhere from GolAirlines.

4, "tailored" chocolate

has a long history of chocolate brand Ghirardelli launched a Valentine’s Day package post create new styles, and consumers.

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