Rushmail do foreign trade EDM marketing should pay attention to several problems

Rushmail do foreign trade EDM marketing should pay attention to several problems

mail marketing as a low-cost and high rate of return to promote the way, since a long time ago by the people of all walks of life, and with the rapid development of the Internet has become increasingly concerned about the people. Many domestic enterprises in addition to the domestic market for consumer EDM marketing, overseas consumer groups is one of its objectives. Especially for the export business of foreign enterprises, foreign trade e-mail marketing is a very important part of the work of its e-mail promotion.


Although the domestic

email marketing development continuously, but it is still more backward and some European countries, especially the people treat the email marketing attitude, compared to a lot of people dislike its domestic foreign, most people regard it as a good channel for businesses to obtain information. Therefore, to do foreign trade EDM marketing, we should pay attention to the problem is also different from the domestic.

a, do not use the free mailbox

is a professional and reliable email address can obtain the trust of customers, do not use the generic free mailbox to do email marketing to the customer, that feeling will be very professional and very casual, easy to make people doubt whether the content is fraud information. The enterprise can be in Rushmail email platform will be send box address set to their e-mail, or by setting domain name e-mail address, and can set two level domain name e-mail address, to facilitate enterprise distinguish mail client is clear for what purpose or from which department.

two, the title should be simple, popular, including certain product information

good title in addition to attractive enough, the more important thing is to let people look at the information clearly, so that customers can know your purpose and the content of the first time. It can contain the name of the company, product information (Highlights), to avoid the empty greeting sentences, appropriate can bring some provocative words, this is the common means of mail promotion.

three, the content should be streamlined, do not use too many different text formats

for many users, the first time the enterprise is best to set up a professional, rigorous image. The mail content to a brief introduction of company and product information, the main expression of the highlights of the product can be, don’t get too fancy fonts can be unified and clear. In addition, the insertion of the company’s Web site links do not exceed 10, as far as possible with the image of the picture, control the size of the message, generally below 100kb.

EDM focus on foreign marketing enterprises should focus on the platform resources when the bulk mail platform, Rushmail email platform has many IP resources, both at home and abroad and the distribution server group strong, provides a strong guarantee for the enterprise mail promotion.

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