The new labor law to boost the industry recruitment of small and medium-sized enterprises facing ear

The new labor law to boost the industry recruitment of small and medium-sized enterprises facing ear

this year, job seekers recruitment, job seekers more than in previous years." Today morning, the reporter learned from the Job36 industry recruitment network, "four establishments" job recruitment, recruitment every day as many as 500 companies, providing nearly 5000 jobs, job seekers more than 4000. According to the relevant person in charge of the recruitment network, the main reason lies in the implementation of the new labor contract law, employers and individuals need to re match".

new labor law causes the small and medium-sized enterprise personnel big earthquake

from HUAWEI’s private benchmarking company requires 8 years of working staff "resign" and "posts", and nearly 10000 Senate seniority zero, causing the "resignation door" incident with vigour and vitality; to the early part of multinational companies in China area "to cut the old" different, has been implemented for 4 A month of the "new labor contract law" controversy. For many small and medium enterprises, the promulgation of the new law will undoubtedly lead to small and medium enterprises personnel big earthquake".

previously dismissed employees 3 years of work, generally pay a salary of $3. The contract expires, not to renew it. And now, even if the contract expires, not the initiative to dismiss the enterprise, the company wants to terminate the labor relationship should be compensated for 3 months salary." Job36 industry recruitment network marketing manager Wan Jun said. After the implementation of the new law, the cost of employing the enterprise will increase, an estimated increase of 8%, while the illegal growth of enterprises is doubled. The new "labor contract law" will lead to a new labor relations, labor costs will undoubtedly greatly exceed the previous. For some small and medium enterprises, this is almost fatal.

although many experts pointed out that the new "labor contract law" will promote the enterprise human resources management more standardized, both employers and employees benefit. But in the field of personnel "earthquake" before, many SMEs do not have the ability to adjust the full scale like HUAWEI, in the specific measures, take some more cautious approach, such as the adjustment of the existing methods of recruitment. In the past, the recruitment of talent often take on-site recruitment or comprehensive recruitment of the network, but the high cost of recruitment in the enterprise at the same time it is difficult to recruit the right talent.

small and medium enterprises Pro earthquake out trick

"new labor contract law" is a good thing for small and medium enterprises." From the Zhejiang region of the processing trade companies have said that SMEs like them, just take this opportunity to improve their human resource management. In fact, the new "labor contract law" after the introduction of many small and medium enterprises have begun to adjust the new human resources.

According to the

research Job36 industry recruitment network for many small and medium enterprises how to deal with the new "labor contract law" the results of the analysis, at present, the real problem HR is the most important sector of small and medium-sized enterprises: how to use new law caused rising costs and enterprise employment way adjustment etc. adopt feasible measures. As can be seen from the results of the survey

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