The advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of network promotion of Baidu, Google and B2B

The advantages and disadvantages of three kinds of network promotion of Baidu, Google and B2B

in the country, the most common way to promote the network is Baidu promotion, Google promotion, B2B platform promotion.

Baidu promotion website promotion way is the most common, Baidu this platform is the largest Chinese search engine, covering about 70% of domestic market share in search, Baidu promotion way has been to PPC, right before the first page of the fixed keyword package of services has been canceled. Competitive ranking is a kind of promotion in accordance with the number of clicks to billing. Baidu to promote the advantages of traffic is large, covering the broad population, as long as you are doing domestic business, Baidu promotion must do.

Google, is an international search engine, at present, many sites around the world, the origin of earlier. More suitable for export business customers, you can do some English vocabulary promotion, the effect is better. Google is also the promotion of PPC, advertising position is the right side of the page. Google is currently in the domestic market share is very low, less than 20%, and this year Google will end to compete with Baidu, Google this year because of the broad strokes of offline and agents, and are profitable, really do not know, the market can have what kind of reaction.

B2B platform in the domestic promotion, mainly to the Alibaba and the HC. Alibaba and is engaged in electronic commerce, the only difference is the strength of the larger Alibaba and Alibaba, and HC are not on the same level, as for the reason, with the Guo Fansheng words, is the Alibaba to get venture capital than me several hundred, I only have 5 million risk investment.

whether the Alibaba or B2B services provided by these products are to provide a trading platform for the enterprise, we can come to this platform to do business, the enterprises are in contact with each other. At present, the feedback from the customer, the Alibaba and the HC platform, are selling things, buy things, even if there is something you never will. This market in the end how much, the ability to purchase how much, a direct impact on customer returns. Tianjin Baidu (editor’s note: Zaki) if reproduced, please indicate the source.

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