E-commerce to sell products or services

E-commerce to sell products or services

mentioned in the website profit pattern of post online, profit model is roughly two kinds, one is to sell things to others, or advertising or joint programs, two is selling their own things. Site to profit, must sell what.

if you choose to sell their own things, in general, can be divided into two categories, selling products or services.


service is to start selling the advantage of cost is not high, no purchase, no inventory, as long as your personal or employees have proficiency in a particular line can begin.

usually need to sell products to start a certain amount of funds, always have goods to sell. If it is their own products, at least to invest in R & D and manufacturing products. If someone else’s products to sell, always want to purchase. So sell the product slightly higher threshold.

for a long time, selling products more potential than selling services. The essence of selling services is to sell time, so scalability is limited. A person can sell one hundred dollars a day, to sell one thousand dollars turnover, or have to find ten people in one day, or one to ten days to complete, basically no way to reduce the cost or time variable on the personnel.

sells products differently, assuming that an employee can handle up to 100 orders of orders, shipments, or production in a single day, and the cost of handling a product to the one hundred person is the same. From the sale of an extension to one thousand, the need to increase the staff will not be linear growth. So sell products can be more stamina, the development of the future is limited.

where possible, selling services need to consider two points:

1) selling high-end services

if you have a very specialized skill, try to sell your time to the high-end market, rather than as a labor service personnel. This high-end service is not only the time to provide services, but also to sell all of your experience, college tuition, training, learning knowledge.

is like SEO services, targeting the high-end market is a general trend in SEO services.

2) to see if it is possible to turn the service into a product

it’s going to take a little brain. Sometimes it seems that only the skills needed to provide personal services, but in fact can be converted into products. For example, you are a fitness coach, in addition to the direct fitness, it is possible to sell fitness video, books,


used to be a customer, he was working on a cruise ship for more than and 10 years, so for those cruise inside out. He would like to open a company to help customers arrange the best travel packages. After talking to him a few times, I suggest that he can know what the industry insider, written on the Internet to sell e-books.

he know which route the most fun, what is the good stuff for free on board, which rides the actual value of the highest, the lowest price is how many service providers can provide, these orifices outside no one knows.

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