Zhang Zetian is how to become a tea sister from a student

Zhang Zetian is how to become a tea sister from a student

tea sister may have been first to know is in "mop.com forum" pen male, but in 2009 this time, many users may think that this is a real users love letters, in less than 2 days, the tea mm information and photos will be posted on the online. Milk tea mm fire, from the courtship posted to the information and photos published less than a week.

however, we may not know, in fact, before the mop.com, she was already in Li Yi, Real Madrid, and Mizuki community became popular, on her post December 20, 2009 on Mizuki community of the "big ten" headlines.

may be a lot of network marketing insiders including I also have such an idea, it may be speculation of a network, but the "tea sisters" from 2009 to 2011 was confirmed as the Tsinghua University unripe, this period of time, tea sister suddenly from people’s sight, we may that tea sister did not deliberately hype ideas. But in 2014, the hype behind the tea sister team exposure, let us once again cast her eyes on her. As a network marketing we look at Zhang Zetian is how to become a tea sister from a student, the marketing case.

a, forum marketing

began marketing promotion tea sister also choose this forum most rapidly through the hype, the beginning of "Li Yi, Real Madrid, and then Mizuki community popular tea sister gradually speculation on the famous" mop.com "this bigger stage on marketing. If we want to in the forum for speculation, at home or in the essence of the position, you can through the cooperation and the forum, or to register a lot of vest, when you come down to the post, the vest constantly back, to keep the first position of the post, is the ideal forum marketing effect.

two, encyclopedia marketing and image marketing

search for "Zhang Zetian" can see "Zhang Zetian" and the Baidu encyclopedia, Sogou Wikipedia and Baidu pictures, this is an important way to assist network marketing tea sister campaign, a lot of people an account level is not high, you can through the establishment of a new network or some new books and the song recently listed, as Wikipedia theme, is generally very easy to pass.


three, micro-blog marketing

opened the "Zhang Zetian" WeChat account, you can see her fans reached 1080707, interest only 186, micro-blog 141, although his micro-blog did not like micro-blog so popular then star fire, but also by the "Zhang Zetian" communication with the outside world as tea sister marketing plays a promoting role. Now, a lot of people think that micro-blog marketing than WeChat marketing, in fact, look at the recent comparison of the fire, the article micro

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