Do not put a reporter to toss only 8 years really come up with 15 billion of the business

Do not put a reporter to toss only 8 years really come up with 15 billion of the business

Abstract: Li Xueling across the screen shouting: people free of magic, but also what magic ah, then there is a delay in instant messaging, and so he shouted after his teammates had hung up. He also made a special game for YY voice, however the beta version of a pile of problems, often at night game player customer shouted: "what is the play? What card?"

this is a school of philosophy, are interested in computer, do after graduation because a financial journalist interviewed Ding Lei, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi and other chiefs, they feel that they are so big brother, start a business, then became a technophile and fancier. Did not think that after 8 years really became worth billions of big brother, he is the founder of YY Li Xueling.

1993, 20 year old Li Xueling admitted to the Department of philosophy. However, the university four years, the man did not spend much energy to think about Nietzsche, Hagel, Kant and other philosophy, but all day long bubble in the Department of information management room. You said in the YAHOO chat room up sister even, he also spent a lot of effort to learn assembly language. In a word, Li Xueling is a "love go crooked ways" of the lord.


really, after graduating from college in 1997, he Zoupian Jian Feng, into the "China Youth Daily" as a reporter, and the Beijing college students most eager to solve the Beijing hukou.

On the eve of

coincided with China’s Internet outbreak, the computer penetration rate is very low, many days after the chiefs with a great reputation not just graduated from the University of lengtouqing is the soy sauce in the unit. However, Li Xueling is very keen sense of smell, to the newspaper as soon as the Internet as their main direction.

in the newspaper during the 5 years, Li Xueling plunges into the Internet circle, Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Zhidong, interviews with Ma Yun, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi et al., he asked "do you believe that Intel’s president Barrett Moore’s law?" asked Zhang Zhaoyang, "why don’t you do a search?" here also includes Ding Lei. "When the stock price fell to 7 yuan, we drank together in Sanlitun."

Lei Jun, vice president of the time to do the general meeting of the media. Soon, he found that Li Xueling never signed in the media on the registration form, do not get the traveling expenses, "this person is so colorful?" Li Xueling answered, sure enough, Li Xueling open criticism of Kingsoft WPS products and how bad do Lei embarrassment.

1998, Li Xueling find Zhou Hongyi, hope to cooperate with a name card exchange site, when the leader is doing 3721 weeks, not seriously. Later, Zhou Hongyi has repeatedly joked: if you insist on doing it, it is not Facebook." Li Xueling and Zhou Hongyi talk "womanishly fussy search engine used to generate content that is then the Qihoo’s main business.

all day and master blows, Li Xueling can not long skill? Just 5 years, from a rookie to the senior media people, arena gave him a nickname "the capital of four I>

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