See Google Kingsoft from the perspective of network marketing

See Google Kingsoft from the perspective of network marketing

Beijing time at 14:00 on May 8th, Kingsoft and the world’s largest search engine company Google (Google) jointly held a press conference at the Avic Hotel, announced a joint brand "both Google Kingsoft" officially released.

"Google Kingsoft Jinshan and Google" is the crystallization of both the advantages of resources Qiangqiang joint. Jinshan is the complete transformation "Internet" and a collection of articles, webpage translation and other functions of the Almighty translation product, is the first joint brand PowerWord orthodox series products, will be conducive to open up overseas market Kingsoft translation software. At the same time, Google also rely on its leading Internet technology innovation and strengthen the local Chinese leader in close cooperation is another example, is another milepost type products of Google services to accelerate China users, extensive contact with the local user.

China Jinshan is the national software industry banner, Kingsoft is China translation software industry leader, is also one of the national Chinese software users in the software industry is the most. Google is the world’s leading search engine, is a remarkable innovation ability at the technical level of the company, with the brand introduced by the representative of the combination, which laid the foundation for the development of foreign Kingsoft translation software market.

Jinshan cooperation with Google, reflecting the advantages of Chinese national enterprises and partners win-win resources, sharing an open attitude.

Jinshan cooperation with Google, because of the needs of users and the birth of the product, which also reflects the advantages of Kingsoft is willing to partner with the advantages of resources, shared open attitude. Google is also a free Internet application advocates and practitioners, is very pleased to be able to achieve the highest quality and practical application of the Chinese users with Kingsoft free of charge. Google’s leading technology to contribute to industrial development, service users in China is our constant pursuit of the goal. This time, Jinshan cooperation is another example of this goal.

from the point of view of the network marketing companies from localization transformation of the Internet, but also from the toll free transformation, which is the advantage of the Internet show.

companies use the Internet to achieve no cost, no packaging, no channel to pay and other advantages, and the traditional business model is clearly visible.

free is not really free, free is the real meaning of the user through free to create economic value. Although the use of the process of free, in fact, your behavior has created the value of behavior. You use is in fact to improve brand awareness, you feel good is to improve the product or service satisfaction, you continue to use is to improve brand loyalty, introduce you to a friend is actually in the promotion, etc.. This is the embodiment of the free copy and copy into the intangible value, when the enterprise accumulated a certain amount of intangible value can be transformed into economic value by commercial operations.

there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

using Internet

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