The practice and promotion of the site on their own

The practice and promotion of the site on their own

to see a wide variety of people on their own web site what practices, what kind of promotion are unique, we are together for a common goal. Oh, of course, I do not. I am now a site for beginners. Because I used to do electronic technology. Because of the financial crisis last year, the original ideal of the company blew away the collapse. Not say, or to the point.

because I grew up on the story will be particularly fond of, so I did a story on the network before I read the story will be written up, and then do some changes to become their own article.

the following site practices

1, the domain name to have a little on their own websites related to my, for example, the name of the story again.

, 2 pages to do look better to let a person look away.

3, now a good site is static than dynamic website.

4, just do a new site in the absence of a stable traffic situation, please do not put advertising so fast, otherwise it will soon be under K, before the effort to do the white.

the following is the promotion method

first do a good job of the site to have content, or people into your site to see what.

1, everyone became known to webmaster nets published the soft.

2 to apply for a few beauties QQ do publicity.

3 spam and mass QQ.

4 forum posted, to find those with their own site related theme hair.

this is my own website personal view, has nothing to do with others, anyway, my website is done up. A website joke net I am ready to do now if you think my points can also be on the top, can not step on, but everyone is a common goal, if we want to learn from each other, explore together with my QQ316222791.

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