WeChat’s time economy

WeChat’s time economy

WeChat operations there is time economy? This may be very confused. Yes, we also need to pay attention to the operation of WeChat’s time economy. Our interests are directly related to our time.

so what is the time economy of our WeChat business,


our WeChat time economy is our daily content push time. This time is very important for us, this is directly related to our reading, it is clear that with our fans, and our money is closely related.

time period, this is mainly based on our long-term data description. We may find that if the amount of reading this word at the same time the content of hair, it is with our relevant content, if the different time in the hair, then the amount of reading. Our words, so this requires us to take down our data analysis. Only data can explain everything.

so what does it mean for us to promote


first, I’m going to talk about our promotion time directly affects the amount of reading of our fans, our long-term promotion will find that now is really early in the morning, we still have a lot of fans also did not sleep, this may be the relationship with our fans. Some of our fans, mainly students, so for them, now is the summer vacation time, so the evening till late in the evening or even overnight to people, but the second days will get up late, probably at noon, so we need to study, in which time is the amount of reading relatively high.

recently I found that my previous push time has been selected in a promotion zero this time, this time period may be extended to the fans have been accustomed to, so this time the amount of reading is relatively high, as shown in figure


in this picture, do not know if you have not seen the specific amount of reading we each time period, we will find that in the morning a little amount of reading is still relatively high, there is a time of morning, eight or nine two in the afternoon, so we in the choice of time is all need to analysis according to the data we specific time period in which to promote better. We generally push time is fixed, but there are special circumstances, such as busy or sometimes we have to pick up the advertisement, then this is more difficult for us, so we at this time the promotion time is completely specified according to the customer, so we cannot at the scheduled time we do push, this may cause our fans off the powder more serious. So we can avoid this type of problem, then we can choose to push the detonation. After we push the ad, in general, our ads are selected in the headlines, then we can choose a high quality in second

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