How to use O2O knock cross industry marketing gate

How to use O2O knock cross industry marketing gate

Christopher · Columbo said that "the world is round."

Thomas · "the world is flat," said Freedman."


in the book "the world is flat", the use of simple and easy to understand way to introduce the progress of science and technology is how to make the world gradually disappearing, globalization trend is a trend which cannot be halted. He cited the case in which there are some such as answering calls America’s staff is actually thousands of miles away in India operator examples, proves that the global business context is advancing on the road.

joint, co – operation and even co – occurrence of such key words, all reflect the trend of today’s world business trends – cooperation and win-win. When many companies are placed on the same platform, how to carry on depth and horizontal development on this platform, the integration of existing resources market linkage, let you have me, I have you, is a problem to consider when the door sounded cross industry marketing.

one, what is cross industry marketing?

In fact,

cross industry marketing is a kind of new idea of integrated marketing, is the two seemingly not related industries together with the cooperation, the common promotion, mutual promotion of mutual cooperation brand, play the role of 1+1> 2, and finally reached the integration of "win-win" target market.

such as washing machine Persil washing powder of Procter & Gamble and Haier launched a new joint launch advertising, breaking the previous enterprise marketing that situation alone, using the model of cross industry marketing cooperation and win-win, this is a model of cross industry marketing.

two, cross industry marketing to be considered

1, the target consumer does have the common

Although the

cross industry promotion, but does not mean you can optionally choose the target consumers, after all in the integrated communication, we must let each other can win, that is to say our target consumers must have in common, so we can make effective marketing promotion;

2, promotion objectives are consistent

in the promotion of cross industry, if the promotion of the two sides of the target is not the same, then it is easy for each other to resolve the contradiction, and then to a good foundation to kill the cooperation. In fact, cross industry marketing most want to achieve the effect of sharing is to realize the channels and resources, so that the target consumers can get great convenience, reduce the transaction costs of their own, and let the brand synergy effect into full play, so that consumers have a sense of identity, so as to create a unique brand culture.

3, the two sides must equal status

if cross industry promotion, one party is too strong and the other party is relatively weak, then it is easy to occur in the process of cooperation in a variety of contradictions. >

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