What kind of content can make people scream

What kind of content can make people scream

marketing is not the content of the empty gun, with a bang, but there is no nutrition town of visceral injury. Yes, that is a piece of dry hard wide, no technical content in 1915, harass the people and waste money.

cries attracted by customers, mostly one-time customers, cheap is not cheap. And rely on content to attract customers, mostly for some of your feelings, or will have feelings for you.

we all hope to make some classic content, let the customer after eating like pee ushimaru like dancing, yuxianyusi, then hell-bent consumption you obsessed with dismay to remember you, even in the Sao Sao gas to fall in love with you.


reality is not exactly the case. Most of the time, you will find yourself working hard and bitter forced a lot all through the night, finally proved himself to be an idiot, do not be laughed out of the content is to be despised. What’s worse, the people who laugh at you and despise you are just a few, or the relatives and friends you know.

looked at yourself so devastated, my heart is not like knocked over a bucket of ice water, pull pull cool cool? When injured, not their own anesthesia chicken soup, also do not use Erguotou self deception, you have to do, is to identify problems, solve problems, enhance their own pleasure.

why you are up all night to do it a lot of content is wasted? Why do you like playing chicken with the same content of excitement, when watching results seem like long bored? Why do you always thought others would like ten thousand times, the birds are too lazy to pull


the answers to all these questions have the same answer: you can’t make people scream.

so, what kind of content can make people scream? Personally think, whether it is an article, a video or a picture, to make people scream, you need to have the following properties:

premise: find out who you want to scream

this is the first thing you have to figure out. It’s silly and naive to try to scream at everyone, each of which has its own audience, just as your products and services can’t satisfy everyone.

all, the first thing is to determine who your audience is. In addition to understand some of the basic demographic characteristics (age, gender, occupation, etc.) is more important than what is usually in this group of people think, where is the pain point and itch, the product or service you can do to resolve their pain and itch. Yes, a person is usually pain and itching, demand a lot, you need to consider is that you can meet what part of their needs, and don’t try to meet all their needs.


to fully understand your audience, you can start thinking about what kind of content to let their mouths scream, or is your mouth.

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