How does the social network change the cosmetics industry

How does the social network change the cosmetics industry


effect is far from advertising.

you may not know Beautycon, which was founded in 2013 the annual summit – but Beautycon CEO cosmetics Moj Mahdara called "holiday", he said that with the participants temperament more fit.

this year is the third year of Beautycon, there are 5000 people to participate, an increase of more than the first session of the 1000. This "holiday" ticket is not too high – compared to what we talked about before the luxury Society – an average of only $29.99, VIP is only $269.99. The Beautycon talked about the impact of social media for the cosmetics industry, one of which is the change of social media brand marketing and consumer behavior, is not the traditional media, counters and spend big price to buy large advertising projects is no longer suitable for the age of the


YouTube: beauty expert incubator

previously, the study can only make use of make-up books, those who only look at the book looks a little hard, but also not too good. But now, the vast majority of people in the use of video sites to learn makeup, makeup is the birth of the blogger.

they were born grassroots, may not be a professional makeup artist, just like to try cosmetics, study how to make up is the most suitable for their own. For example, Michelle Phan, Vietnamese Americans in 2007, upload a natural makeup video, only a day to get 10000 hits over 40000 times, a Zhou Chong to browse, this video has accumulated 11 million 350 thousand views, Michelle account itself has 8 million 240 thousand of the subscription.

three years later, she became Lancome’s video makeup artist, as well as the only one Vietnamese spokesperson. Soon, she began to publish, and create a beauty video service platform called IPSY (also a monthly subscription cosmetics electricity provider).

this is the way most beauty bloggers will go. We live in this era, people want to share, the Internet has expanded the diversity of beauty and personality needs." Phan representation.


similarly, the British professional makeup artist Wayne Goss is also due to the rapid development of the cause of YouTube, his $265 price of the cosmetic brush sold out within five minutes. Now he has 2 million 310 thousand YouTube subscribers.

he believes that YouTube naturally set the user’s use threshold, and passed the make-up of the special