Network marketing skills like the pursuit of girls

Network marketing skills like the pursuit of girls

in addition to entertain the webmaster, each business for the purpose of the webmaster want to contact network sales skills problem. A few years of network sales practice, eat a lot of losses, but also let me master a lot of tricks. Now carefully to the product, I think the network marketing skills and chasing girls are very similar, and today to share with you.

a, not pull but find

., even in the information developed in the past, indiscriminate shenglayingzhuai pursuit, also can let the girls hate, and cannot get their heart. In order to get the girl, you must try to find, to find a suitable girl, find her hobbies and needs to get to meet her just perfect heart. Especially in today’s information overload, is not difficult to get the girl’s information, it is difficult to find the suitable person in the girls beyond count information, and find a suitable way to pursue her.

So is the

sales in the information developed in the past, sales by advertisement, to pull customers into the store to complete the transaction. But in the Internet era, the information explosion, in the face of violent social movement as the information tide, by the extensive promotion strategy peppercorn, already not what effect. Sales, especially online sales into the era of precision marketing. Due to the rise of a variety of network platform, we can through professional websites, forums, QQ, MSN, SNS and other very accurately find we want to contact people; and because the network to reduce cost of sales, we also have the ability for a smaller group of people, or even a single person to provide customized products or services, thus greatly enhanced the competitiveness of products or services.

network era is looking for the economy, network marketing skills to learn to find".

two, not the best can win

the best boys will be able to catch up with the girl? In real life, those "left male" and "3S lady" are very good boy, girl. See "one" will find many outstanding rich handsome, often frustrated. Why? Because the overall excellence is not necessarily a girl wants, you can not meet the needs of girls, and then not her good food".

So is the

network sales, excessive pursuit of perfection is a most common webmaster, because the devoted efforts, put the site as their own children, want to get the site to a program, magnificent, a piece of code can be frustrating for several days. Although the site is perfect, but does not meet the needs of customers, or even very cumbersome, and thus lost customers.

to meet customer demand is the basis of network marketing skills.

three, not in line with customer needs can win

can best meet the needs of the boy will be able to catch up with the girl? This point had already been "a flower inserted in cow dung", "Fu is often accompanied by stupid sleep" these sayings are denied. In this age of contention, girls are decided

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