Challenges Taobao alliance several commodity promotion

Challenges Taobao alliance several commodity promotion

wrote an article last week that there will be what new forms of advertising Taobao Alliance came out, two days before the official opening of Taobao alliance after registered in the so-called blue ocean plan, didn’t see any new things, is the new wine in old bottles, Ali mother edition just. Perhaps Taobao is still in the layout, some of the new form of promotion has not yet, otherwise too disappointing.

since Taobao does not, may wish to introduce a number of new products on the network has been the form of promotion, I believe that even if there is no Taobao alliance, the near future will provide.

1 image placement. That is, to make all the photos on the website, has become a "commodity display". For example, in the news website to see Jolin wearing a pair of red shoes, love this pair of shoes? Click next to the yellow label shoes can get similar! This model is first introduced by pixazza, and made no small investment, there are some customers in case of, the feeling can also be.

the current domestic imitators is po, launched 09 years, but there is no half what happened. The biggest problem with this model is that there is a special so-called "experts" on the site of the picture to help advertisers label, which is not the size and resources of the new site is very difficult. And this is the advantage of Taobao, both advertisers, but also a huge community popularity, I believe that the image of the implanted product promotion form Taobao alliance will not let go.

2 Smart goods show. Google Adsense claims to be content matching ads, but because the advertisers are released generic hard advertising, and Google to take into account the various types of sites, so the match is very low. And if the contents of the promotion of goods, then the effect will be much better, Proximic took the lead in the introduction of the same content with the fixed position of the commodity display advertising, also sought after by the capital.

As mentioned in article

last week, proximic did not accept the domestic Adsense registration, now I just have to see this advertisement grassroots online, is said to be proximic into Chinese when find the grassroots nets and reached cooperation. Http:// can be seen on the proximic with Taobao, pat, Dangdang have a cooperative relationship, I believe that soon after, Taobao Union will also have content related to the form of commodity display.

for the life of the information content of the webmaster, recommended to see the special purchase alliance Special purchase of goods from the special data of the king to B2C goods based, after optimization, the price of its intelligent quote window shows the content of the goods with a high degree of matching, so the CTR and conversion rate is much higher than the general advertising.

3 intelligence in the chain. Very early on the so-called Nevin chain form >

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