Discussion on the future of the industry website navigation station

Discussion on the future of the industry website navigation station

wants to use more and more users website business, but looking for a creative, easy to use web site project ideas is very difficult, so some users of the industry Web site navigation as their own project, I will talk about their own views.

Compared to

1, and the search engine industry site navigation station has an advantage, it can help users find the search engine is not included or included fewer sites, but found that the site has great significance on the users? Such sites in their counterparts in a competitive stage? Do not know how to search optimization indeed there are many websites, industry site navigation station can indeed play a role, but with the growing popularity of the concept of web search optimization, web site navigation industry will be more and more low value.

2, your industry Web site navigation station to the web site or what the customer is still more than a salesman, you seriously investigate. If your industry site navigation station is included in the service of the web site, how much can help these sites. If your web site daohangzhan included more than the industry’s industrial customers, even for these sites may not help, because the use of the most likely to need to the industry customers to sell a variety of products and service personnel. They may be looking for customers through the Internet for a long time, and they will appreciate your efforts to reduce them. The web site users who sell are generally not paid, or even thank you, because your biggest role is to bring them more marketers, rather than helping them sell things. You know, to bring customers to others, to help others make their own money is easy to make money.

3, the Internet is looking for content rather than looking for web sites, the purpose is to find the site to find the content, so when you help the user to find the URL for the purpose, you have fallen behind. Of course, backward things may also meet the specific market segments.

4, generally through the industry vertical portal network, industry information network can find the active site of the industry, so the industry site navigation station may be repeated them, but you do not compete with them.

5, with the general development of an industry, in the individual website based on many industries, will gradually develop the industry site navigation station, industry information network, industry portal, industry comment, industry talent network and so on, and compared these industry website, industry Web site navigation station at the lowest level, industry site navigation station to search weight than other website with content based on the construction of key words, do you think it is possible to


6, the industry site navigation station construction threshold is low, less investment, rapid development, there is no technical threshold. In other words, you do the industry site navigation station may be difficult to form their own core competitiveness. "Do not compete without core competitiveness," said Jack Welch, a management guru.


navigation site navigation industry will face the competition of the comprehensive innumerable.

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