Capital 81, the past 300 million days 9 small screen era app marketing rules

Capital 81, the past 300 million days 9 small screen era app marketing rules

[Abstract] in the summer box office battle blaze a dark horse — "Beijing No. 81", all shocked. Speaking of Beijing 81 box office success, APP marketing can not be.


According to the

EBOT arts en day box office think tank statistics, as of July 30th, "Beijing No. 81" total box office reached 364 million, easily won the champion of domestic thriller. In its release second days, the share of the film from the first day of the day rose to 25.72%, and for the last five days showed a negative growth trend of 18.34%. Thriller so viewing boom, with nearly 30 popular app applications and on-line mobile terminal promotion "Beijing No. 81" is closely related to mobile marketing strategy for "Beijing No. 81" in the summer to win the audience awareness and market space, but also to promote the film marketing gradually entered the small screen generation.


Beijing 81 mobile marketing advantage of small screen era to

with the same schedule released "time 3" compared to "exposure" Beijing No. 81 in the traditional media, micro-blog and other new media propaganda and the media are unable to catch up, but with the mobile internet entertainment marketing, let "Beijing No. 81" has become a surprise Chinese thriller box office myth.

jellyfish interaction, is the industry’s first focus on the field of mobile marketing, and thinking of using the Internet for film services company, has been serving more than 60 works, including the "Transformers 4", "was stolen five years", "2" the Hunger Games and many other popular films. As the "Beijing No. 81" mobile terminal propaganda, from December 2013 onwards, the jellyfish interaction was carried out against the "Beijing No. 81" mobile marketing planning, integration of a nearly 30 app of "Beijing No. 81" promotion, online publicity activities covering a total of 400 million people (contain repeat coverage), and discuss the by setting up special stickers, interactive online and offline rush tickets, train show and news push a variety of methods for three-dimensional marketing comprehensive, let the movie news are filled in every corner of the mobile phone.

used in the film and a half, jellyfish interaction began to increase publicity film by app exposure, in today’s headlines, meters music, PPS and other variety of software can be seen in the "Beijing No. 81" in a press release, tail, and other forms of online ticket in front of the public. In July 12th, 13, the film released a week ago, the capital of the number on the app intensive marketing, on average every day in more than 5 kinds of APP platform to see its figure. Through the activities of different online platform, the capital 81 direct film audience.


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