How to play the space of social marketing in Hubei to play a high force grid

How to play the space of social marketing in Hubei to play a high force grid

2015 Shun Lei Jun collar for capital investment 60 million love space, becoming the first domestic Internet home improvement company. 15 by the end of the year after the return of the 135 million B round of financing, love space have settled in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities. In December 13th, the space of love adds another 7 dazzling milestones, namely Zhengzhou, Ji’nan, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Kunming and Huaian……


at the end of 15, Wuhan has also ushered in the love space settled, coming in 2016 officially opened 3 months late.

we also finally wait until this Diao do not want the Internet home improvement company, presumably those who have to wait until the love space to help them decorate the main, the middle of the night will be a dream to wake up,?

said the family of high force you do not believe, see, the first thing is not to stare at the sales bill, it is forever began to mingle with the community, a trick to please. At the same time also began to create the ultimate agency big coffee online sharing this classic learning community will share.

to bask in the love space in Wuhan’s first online salon community activities:

yesterday love space and Luo friends connected depth salon scene, common planning, through brainstorming and group discussion, to discuss a series of programs for the love of the next space community interactive play in Wuhan.


master in the civil, a variety of collisions and heated discussion, the scene you know……

talk, two hours to point out the results, finally we decided to the opening ceremony of community interaction play the first more than and 30 days of a general framework.

from the aspects of community resources, Hubei Wang led the class overlord overlord Nightwish, around the theme of love or decoration decoration Jiezhuang space of traditional Internet operations share the theme launched a series of fighter class community.

yanxishe Bao Ting will lead a member of club members to pull Hubei love the depth of space connection sharing activities, as for how a depth method, set a good theme, love is also very sincere, even willing to let you down!

, senior friends are willing to cooperate with friends of the depth of the theme of Luo connecting love space launches a series of interesting community activities (PS: you are not to be considered for the lo fat little advertising what, even if you have CEO with Ronaldo is chaotic yanxishe students?)

has a small community of performing arts resources partners can also provide a number of bands, such as the dance team, they have to join, what activities will not be fun?……

As for the specific activities of the

, we really have to rely on the strength of their small community partners, how fun how to play up. For example, a treasure hunt, find out the various elements of the treasure map, with >

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