Network promotion is a great way to market under the crisis

Network promotion is a great way to market under the crisis

financial storm hit, than the United States blockbuster "acquired" described in the global disaster is terrible. Many business failures, layoffs, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain careful said of an aged person under. The financial crisis is a crisis for all businesses. The face of difficulties, many enterprises want to enhance the work efficiency, the more precise and advanced marketing means, accurately grasp the needs of users, thus opening up new market territory.

at this time everyone’s action, are the first landing Baidu or GOOGLE, enter the " financial storm " or " financial crisis " key words, view massive message. Everyone knows how the search engine affects people’s behavior on the Internet today.

Chinese Internet users have reached 300 million, more than the United States ranked first in the world, as long as users will use search engines. To understand the current hot spots, you don’t know the address of your search; search; the purchase of goods, you search; search for a new occupation, you search; even your body has a strange symptoms, you are not to go to the hospital, but the search…… Search engines have unwittingly penetrated into every aspect of people’s lives; people’s behavior, choice is being around the search engine.

How to seize the growing needs of users of

enterprises, study the search behavior, used for their own business? Clever through Wuhan eight party network will teach you five pass.

pass a secret: small and medium sized enterprises: the Internet will open a window for you

Internet has become China’s largest trading platform, and its combination with traditional industries, will become the new driving force of the economy. For most enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, B2C, SEM network marketing is the best marketing model of the traditional small and medium enterprises to establish the competitiveness of the internet.

under the financial crisis, consumers have Wujin purse, only willing to spend less money to buy the same product. They spend more time and energy on online shopping, more subtle than ever, so as to find the highest cost-effective online shopping products.

During the

financial crisis, the world’s leading B2C platform visits have increased significantly. In Taobao, for example, after the September financial crisis on China’s real economy has a greater impact, Taobao PV was a straight upward trend, the growth rate is much higher than the previous month and the same period last year.

, however, is not in the B2C platform to register an account, display good commodities can wait for business rolling door. Enterprise B2C management involves a lot of knowledge and marketing knowledge of the Internet industry, if the strategy is applied properly, can achieve great online sales revenue.

how to let consumers know you? This is all marketing, advertising to solve the problem. SEM search engine marketing is another low-cost accurate network marketing. When consumers use search engine " XX best English training " with " XX >

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