Avoid the promotion of errors to promote the effectiveness of

Avoid the promotion of errors to promote the effectiveness of

wine is also afraid of deep alley, the site also is such, good website also needs to promote in order to let more people know, engaged in website promotion friends of promotion methods more or less some knowledge, but there are still some misunderstanding in the understanding of network promotion is only retained in send ads. There are quick mass promotion, this is not conducive to the future development of the website, so now you have to know some common misunderstandings in network promotion.

one, that is to promote the development of advertising stickers. Since the last strike, more popular forum have implemented post audit, if with advertising, illegal nature of the post all are clicking off, time consuming, no effect. If you use the tools group group said, it can only be in nobody management forum to send advertising, it is no effect, if there is a link, may also be punished by a search engine, because there is often your links in some piles of garbage on the site, not the garbage is garbage. Now if in the popular forum advertisers have a form of it, not too straightforward.

two, only to publish information, do not attach importance to contact with people. If you are successful will release some information out, if someone to contact you, great attention should be paid to this link, this link is done well, can greatly improve the conversion rate, if this link is not responsible for you, you have good communication and customer service staff.

three, as long as the promotion of a good software to find, once and for all. Do you think playing games ah. With the least time to do more time, we all want to have a good idea for the promotion is good, but always want to find some mass tools mass, it is not good. However, I still recommend the use of blog mass tools, this is different, just to replace the manual update multiple blogs, or very convenient.

There are many errors in the promotion of

, only a rough summary of a few, I hope the novice in the promotion can be avoided. Welcome to the network promotion interested friends and I discuss QQ:79702151.

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