Britain’s largest data center KAO Data Campus financing for 33 million pounds to build a new data ce

Britain’s largest data center KAO Data Campus financing for 33 million pounds to build a new data ce

KAO Data Campus is the largest data center in Britain, this Friday (February 10th), the data center announced a $33 million investment risk, they also raised since the establishment of the second investment. It is reported that the current round of financing is the leading investor Downing LLP and Goldacre Ventures, as of now, the total amount of financing KAO Data Campus data center has reached 68 million pounds.

Downing LLP is a well-known investment management company, under the management of more than 700 million pounds of assets, they are mainly focused on the data center industry. The investment in the KAO Data Campus data center, but also the venture capital institutions in recent years in this field of the fourth investment transactions.

KAO Data Campus earlier, the data center has been in London to build a new data center KAO One, reported in the new data center built before, the 33 million is the last round of financing, KAO Data Campus will no longer raise more funds.

KAO Data Campus announced in 2015 plans to build four new data centers, pure technology covers a total area of up to 150 thousand square feet. After the completion of the new data center, KAO Data Campus also plans to invest 200 million pounds to take a piece of land covering an area of 35 acres, continue to build data centers.

David Bloom is the CEO of Goldacre Ventures venture capital company, he said:

for KAO Data Campus data center, this financing is an important milestone in their entire development project. Although the UK led to the introduction of a series of European political uncertainty, but investors are still very optimistic about the British technical infrastructure industry, and very confident.

KAO Data Campus Downing LLP data center to get investment is also very excited, because the venture capital institutions is very experienced in the data center industry, from the investment process that they not only fully understand the market, but also can help KAO Data Campus data center development.

In addition to

in London to build a new data center KAO Data London One, KAO Park, Enterprise and Zone in London – Stansted – Cambridge three joint data center have also attracted many industries (such as Life Sciences) enterprises and organizations interested in.


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