The core role of scientific preparation of website marketing programs to enhance the program

The core role of scientific preparation of website marketing programs to enhance the program

site wants to be successful, in addition to having a good function, a higher degree of user experience of the site, excellent marketing is also essential, and even play a decisive role. But now involved in marketing and its wide scope of work, if there is not a clear solution, often result in the specific implementation process, the East West a hammer stick, causing what are not good, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of marketing, and finally let down in the way of marketing website.

from the point of view of a large number of cases, the website marketing plan will play a role in the outline of the button operation process, it also shows the importance of website marketing plan. The following is a detailed analysis of the website marketing program needs to be the core of the problem, the only way to enhance the website marketing program in promoting the positive effect of the site marketing effect.

a clear marketing objectives

in the preparation of web marketing programs, we must confirm the ultimate marketing objectives of the site, only with a clear goal will have the appropriate implementation methods to achieve this goal. The marketing objectives not only have a general goal, but also need to correspond with the subdivision goals, such as in the SEO marketing. In addition to the total target ranking, also need to refine every day a few articles, the number of the chain site outside the chain data analysis and specific content, so that it can make the total realization of the goal seems superior.

two, according to the operation phase of the corresponding marketing method

site in different stages of operation need to use different marketing programs, if these marketing programs are not properly set up, not only can not play a good role in marketing, and even counterproductive. For example, in the new on-line site, the marketing can not simply by PPC Marketing, since your website user experience is not high, so use this method to get a lot of traffic flow, but the conversion rate is not high, but the bidding rules will make you lose a lot of marketing expenses. In the early days should be more e-mail, QQ group or post some marketing. In the middle of the operation can be optimized with SEO optimization, PPC and soft marketing. In the latter need to focus on brand marketing.

three, to clear the data collection and analysis method

how to judge the effect of website marketing, the most direct way is through a variety of marketing data for analysis, and then make appropriate adjustments. Due to the acquisition of these data sometimes through the free method is not enough, you also need to buy some professional website data analysis tools for analysis. So it is necessary to identify the data to be analyzed in programs such as a web site, PV value, IP number and trend analysis, user target group website bounce rate and conversion data, by combining the corresponding data to choose the right website analysis tool, which is convenient for the subsequent improvement of website marketing work.

four, to strengthen the continuous improvement of marketing programs

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