The road of the brand of local talent network — operation section (two)

The road of the brand of local talent network — operation section (two)

brand! Local talent net user experience, service recruitment decides everything, enrich the content, good program experience, enterprise recruitment, personal job dependence will form a brand, reputation effect, and these early to do is site positioning, business model, how to improve website weight, build a good team.

local talent net pre positioning: Wuxi recruitment network pre positioning is the small and medium-sized enterprises and moderate local famous enterprises, the reason lies in the large enterprise telephone marketing cost is very high, will occupy a large part of the time, business communication also requires high skills, free access of a large enterprise recruitment, probably four or five small and medium sized enterprises recruitment has been released, and small and medium enterprises with high activity, often update log, search resumes, website basic search engines over more, mostly graduates or less experienced job seekers, small and medium-sized enterprises also need this talent, targeted, enterprises and individuals to easily interact, instead of famous enterprises recruitment post recruitment of high-end, 90% is not ideal, the personnel bother to login the website update view resume, it is difficult to form a solid pre interaction. The website can gather popularity, site positioning is particularly important, of course website chengmenmian or less, it can be through manual collection and telephone marketing, telephone notification (Note: job seekers need to synchronize the online resume sent to the e-mail, so that enterprises more conducive to the future of business marketing).

business model: talent network business model still feel some limitations, unable to break through the traditional mode, also the business model of Wuxi recruitment network, but still some special, although the current site is free operation, active telephone marketing enterprise recruitment free, registration fees to enterprise operation, can not receive a free trial, whether free customer service charges, tracking service is essential, crucial, talent network emphasizes the user experience at the same time, pay more attention to customer service, service operations, brand marketing is an important part of the team, later in the chapter in the description.

: increase the weight through reasonable program, SEO experience (experience program is a long-term process, need to continue to study, let the user feedback and improvement), content experience (business telephone marketing team, increase the recruitment of content, information content to increase search engines). Here focuses on Links (chain), to determine whether the high weight, see included, see snapshots, rankings, PR is out of date can also be a reference, how to link weight high, the best way through the telephone marketing, telephone marketing affinity stronger here, many government web sites, there is not a telephone can fix, regularly the telephone, the telephone communication is very important, adhere to one harvest, will also be touched each other, of course, some do not chain, don’t waste your time here to hold each other webmaster psychological, increase weight is a long process, large amount of telephone marketing, increase the release of enterprise recruitment, is the priority among priorities to improve search pastebin.

summary: today, the Internet is quite difficult, with technology, business model

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