Six point experience is no longer do not work hard Taobao shop differentiated marketing

Six point experience is no longer do not work hard Taobao shop differentiated marketing

from the beginning of selling things, heard of USP (unique sales proposition), then do not understand what it means to express it. Later, I know it is a selling point, and then read the positioning of this book, for the selling point has a clearer understanding.

but the book is more targeted at big companies, big companies. They can gain advantage from research and development and marketing. These are for our small sellers are elusive. Until later learned the convenience store, only to know that the original location is also very close to us. In the vicinity of large shopping malls will have a lot of convenience stores, why they have not been swallowed by the mall to, because he is very convenient, some people in a hurry, and not in order to save money or have more choices and go to the big shopping malls, but convenient, take only a few seconds to get the convenience store.

can have a customer to accept the unique selling point of the shop, for us to get more customers, bring more profits. For our small sellers, which aspects should we start to establish their own differentiation Li Leiting think there are so many directions:

a, product

some shopkeepers may develop some of the larger market demand products, which is his advantage.

or their own home rich in some kind of product, and other places, such as local products, which is his advantage.

for other people’s products, if we have the ability, you can win the national exclusive agent, or take the exclusive agent in a region.

generally for small sellers, in front of the factory, we do not have too many words. So, often product level, we have no advantage at all.

two, service


sellers, not just selling products, including sales, customer service service products, we have no advantage, small sellers can proceed from the service.

for example we can:

1, to provide better service

2, provide more information

3, providing longer warranty

4, customer service, etc. good attitude

5, convenience

in short, let the customer really feel that you are not the same as others, your home is really for the sake of customers

three, promotion channels

for small sellers, we can not afford to spend a higher cost of promotion channels, however, some of the relatively low cost of promotion channels Li Leiting think we can do. For example: SEO, micro-blog, WeChat, classified information, buy, etc.. Go to the test to find out those small competition, and the user is more accurate channel.

four, terrain

terrain is a regional advantage, more than

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