Open Xin loans to get 200 million yuan, angel street, Guangdong to Beijing Ali meow at the end of 20

Open Xin loans to get 200 million yuan, angel street, Guangdong to Beijing Ali meow at the end of 20


was born with a golden key to open Xin loans, it is reported that the current turnover has exceeded 12 billion yuan.

1 open Xin loan to get $200 million angel

recently, open Xin loan disclosed the latest financing trends, said it has accepted 200 million yuan angel round. Open Xin loan on-line at the end of 2012, the current turnover has more than 12 billion yuan. But at the beginning of the establishment of the company, it was widely regarded as was born with a golden key, because the project hatch in CDB background. This round of financing, it is dominated by a wholly owned subsidiary of CDB CDB, other participants including the Jiangsu International Trust Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi city credit Company limited by guarantee financial investment limited liability company, Nanjing Kyoritsu Venture Investment Company Limited. It is said that the verification work has been completed.

open Xin loan general manager Zhou Zhihan said that part of the current round of capital increase to increase the registered capital, after the completion of industrial and commercial changes in more than one hundred million. The other part is used for the provision of risk, or expand the customer. In other words, the registered capital of open Xin loan will be two times the P2P threshold in the regulation of the provisions of the 50 million threshold.

2 street to the first commercial Ali meow Beijing covering 4 shopping malls

has 40 stores nationwide resources of the Alibaba’s shopping software meow street, before the official visit to Beijing, and in cooperation with the first group, App coverage of its 4 stores in Yansha friendship mall bright shop, shop, Jin Yuan, Ma Yansha outlets shopping center, shopping malls in Xidan Xidan store. Meow street can the current location of the user based on the collection of surrounding stores and discount stores and brand new information, provide WiFi, indoor navigation, parking for cars, parking fee, online queuing intelligence service. It is understood that the street will be to share cooperation meow mall shopping user data according to the data, further subdivided into customer age, family members, as well as shopping preferences, shopping malls targeted marketing to specific consumer groups according to the data, and through software push different street, coupons, gift and integration into the store discount information.

3 Guangdong to be built by the end of 20 network hospitals

September 28th, Guangdong Provincial People’s government issued the "plan" of Guangdong province Internet plus "(2015~2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). Reporters learned from the website of the people’s Government of Guangdong Province, in terms of medical care, Guangdong intends to set up a network of 10 hospitals before the end of 2017 pilot, to the end of 2020 the number of pilot will reach 20.

last October, Guangdong No.2 People’s Hospital established the country’s first network hospital, has been running for nearly a year. Yesterday (September 29th), Guangdong to participate in a pilot network hospital pharmacy chain general manager told reporters that at present, the hospital network is still limited by the patient’s medical treatment, hardware equipment and related policy support and other aspects, the present stage still difficult to promote. But there is no doubt that, as a new thing in the network of medical

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