Ercoli Lee is no routine how popular

Ercoli Lee is no routine how popular

Abstract: obviously, you start by AIKE in the play by the rules to attract, but later, you see him into cheering a "routine".


Papi is also half a year ago, when it’s just red sauce, I’m going to Amway a "set the beauty and talent in a" strange woman to relatives and friends at the party, but the results of 95 little friends of Amway — "Oh, it is a funny little video. Have you seen the makeup? AIKE


saw 95 children cover their mouth after a burst of laughing, I did not know the name is like a musical instrument network red is a kind of existence, but they point to open around AIKE in micro-blog, a picture of immersion makes me curious.

on the number of fans, the content level, Ercoli Lee and Papi sauce are no more than see; look in the filter, AIKE also and you know any big eyes red net awl is different, even in what he called "beauty" in the video, even not neat, let his black yellow skin exposed in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

More than

signs that AIKE is not a normal network of red. He created the "black" style to quickly attract the diehard powder, love his fans have taken advantage of with it, so you will see the box again and again in his face, micro-blog hot comments in the deep orbital skinny boy was affectionately called "Vietnamese actress".

"ugly" infinite possibilities

in June 24, 2016, a AIKE called "Vietnam line actress" expression on the line WeChat mall, in the next two weeks, it was in my WeChat dialogue was angry brush.

perhaps you will feel strange, before the landing WeChat expression package is like Li Yifeng, like Angela Baby ", a fresh flower", why now this elegant red net skeletal will be made and welcome

expression package?


Baidu index

If we

along the time line fell forward, AIKE is really blew in him in the "pupil makeup contest" video, traffic card, Mark pen when beauty tools, finally presented a freckle Eyeliner everywhere, "supermodel" asymmetric blush makeup, it can be in when the absolute beauty Bo the main in the "alien".

said he is "heterogeneous", because micro-blog subsequently released the electricity supplier list also indicates the Reds beauty network red circles play by Zhang Dayi, Orthodox, ponny as the representative of the red net all around such a theme: "you say my makeup painting do not like, and I come together with the same paragraph become beautiful!" the three normal beauty micro-blog, bloggers will first show you her makeup, to narrow the distance, and then try a variety of products that experience, the last "conscience".

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