Their views on the promotion of the site

Their views on the promotion of the site

‘s own understanding of the Internet can not be regarded as early, but I think it is necessary to share with you a website promotion today. Or a little bit of their own ideas on the Internet.

a search engine era arrival


search engine and then a few years ago, probably for people is quite strange, but with the rapid development of the network, the increase of Internet information explosion, the artificial processing site, has become impossible, so the search engine is made. To date, it Chinese, now a web site very good, want to grow, it cannot do without the search engine, this is a site above suspicion doubt. So get a good promotion, rely on search engine.

two. The Internet has entered a period of steady development

with the Internet bubble burst, it will make a lot of people get rich dream. Vanish like soap bubbles on the Internet today, has entered a stable period of development, the impetuous period is over. So we have to keep up with the times development, and give your own website promotion, don’t want to rely on smart, or cheating means to get traffic. Now this era has risen to the user experience for the first period. If you are to deceive and lure users, then you may earn a little money. But if you decide to enter the industry to do so too, urging you to change is the true level on their own, step by step to.

three.SEM, SEO era coming

now, according to the Irearsh survey, now China, Internet users use search engine has accounted for about 98%. But Baidu occupies the majority of the market share, Google. I have predicted, because Yahoo and SOSO have a strong attack, estimated after the search industry competition will be more intense. So if you promote the site through the search engine, there are two ways, one is PPC, one is SEO. I think the auction who will, as long as the money can be, but once do not bid, then you have to site will be in trouble. All the long-term plan is to do SEO, SEO were associated with the search engine development. It was the role, which may be one of the sites is crucial to.SEO is a long process, is a systematic work. It is not imagined so simple, of course, is not so difficult. I think SEO should put a good attitude, Do not blindly pursue rankings, but to do a good job to study, if you can do better in SEO. In fact, you do this, you will not be poor site.

four. The creative age has come to

I think, a good site planning, it is helpful to the promotion of a website. It is a creative economy era, a good idea, may let you achieve success and win recognition. However, I have here is a good idea. The network website has a good idea that is very important for the website itself. For example, blogs, video and so on. These are good start >

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