Teach you how to use micro-blog micro-blog promotion

Teach you how to use micro-blog micro-blog promotion

the following article is my careful summary, absolutely not soft Wen, to the webmaster must be useful, only at the end with a link. Micro-blog is a powerful force, as Cai Wensheng said, when you reach the micro-blog audience of tens of thousands of people, you may force micro-blog is a small newspaper, imagine doing an advertisement in a newspaper, a very bright?? how fun micro-blog? Today introduced some experience man, by the passing, find it useful to look at.

first: integrity mutual listening, mutual concern.


has just entered the army, you have no audience, no radio, this time to take the initiative, the initiative to listen to others, so some of the early exchange of the audience, to lay the foundation for the next step of a massive attack. Listen to others is a skill, don’t listen to hold a stretch, first to understand your next step is to find what promotion, has the audience crowd and find the audience when the crowd, subdivided, looking for a high degree of active, often publish content people listen to. As a result, some of the wonderful things that you post may be seen or relayed by them immediately.

second: increase the audience do not act recklessly

I started to do micro-blog is foolhardy to send, every day a large number of listening to others, then I want others to listen to, increase the fans in this way, but the result is not very good, in the end I heard 2000 people, the only 400 fans.

way to increase the number of fans is like this:

1; pay attention to a person, say hello to him, tell him you listen to him, tell him to listen to you.

2; a large number of wonderful quotes broadcast to others, don’t ignore the broadcast, a lot of people on the article, I will mention may repeatedly {@}, so to increase the exposure rate, many people will take the initiative to add you.

3; micro-blog content release skills, not simply released. But to find a topic, such as constellation problem, you will be released to the {# constellation #} this topic, because many people are concerned about the sign of this topic, therefore, even if others are not your fans, this topic is the constellation of fans, he can also see your content.

third: continue to expand the audience, the release of micro-blog’s quality is critical!

needless to say, the Internet is all content is king, micro-blog is no exception, every day you release some of the garbage up, your fans who won’t listen to you! Find more exciting content, a broadcast, you fans was increased


fourth: how to use micro-blog promotion?

I use micro-blog

website promotion method I is very clumsy soil, is to write a few sentences and then take on the site, very little effect of this, a little bad, but I know a new way to increase exposure rate with the click rate, the effect of feeling good


1, according to your promotion ads, find a definite answer.

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