Blog class website commonly used seven promotion methods

Blog class website commonly used seven promotion methods

Blog website commonly used promotion method

1, blog increased by fanchon hits, please refer to.

2, increase the click through rate by RSS subscription and BLOG directory.

3, through the conventional way of publicity. Conventional means refers to QQ/MSN and other instant messaging tools, forums and even E-Mail mass BBS (caution), as well as the URL in the signature file, tell your friends you have a blog, etc..

4, landing the major search engines and often update is very important, you can make your article is easier to search. Baidu, YAHOO, MSN, dog, Sina, Sogou, soso, a well-known search engine must not miss, there are a lot of blog is to join the search.

5, go to someone else’s blog/ personal home page to see, and others to exchange links, to build a small network for themselves, it is easy to find friends through links, you can also bring a stable flow. Communicate with others, each step on the space, a lot of comments, citing other people’s articles, and even placed each other’s advertising.

6, to join a number of advertising or traffic Union, but most of the brush flow, there is no practical significance, not recommended.

7, if you have sufficient funds, can engage in network promotion, such as search engine rankings, network advertising, network marketing and so on, if your skin is so thick, can cooperate with the author of rogue software.

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