The characteristics of network marketing through the QQ red head

The characteristics of network marketing through the QQ red head

for NBA fans, now the biggest thing is the NBA playoffs, the Rockets fans, the biggest thing is the first round of the Rockets VS jazz. However, for the whole of China, the Olympic Games, the Tibet incident (Tibet), the Olympic torch relay is affecting hundreds of millions of Chinese people’s hearts.

Domestic and international

some very nasty person to use the Olympics all having political events ignited people’s strong patriotism China. The most prominent manifestation is the boycott of Carrefour and China surnames heart head.

red heart (Figure) as in a short period of time there have been many kinds of QQ, red head, heart, head of MSN China surnames red head. Who is our hearts, regardless of QQ image and MSN image Chinese surnames heart hearts portrait of the author, we first look at the names China bring us heart image network marketing inspiration.

China heart image network marketing to bring thousands of Revelation to us is the most important role in viral marketing.

so what is viral marketing viral marketing is a commonly used network marketing methods, commonly used in website promotion, brand promotion, etc.. Viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, so viral marketing has become an efficient way to disseminate information and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost no cost the means of network marketing.

six viral marketing is the basic elements:

(1) value provides valuable product or service names Chinese images of the people’s heart China a patriotic heart

(2) is used to provide information to others without the hard way QQ red head are all spontaneous


QQ MSN, head of red red head and heart image Chinese surnames launched, not deliberately to promote, everybody is the spontaneous use of these representative countries, support the Olympic logo, love against damage.

(3) information transmission range is easy to spread from a large scale

(4) spread the use of public enthusiasm and behavior of QQ are all red head through independent and oral presentation of the use of a friend, fully reflects the public enthusiasm of viral marketing.

(5) by using the existing communication network; the spread of surnames is through the MSN China heart image, QQ chat communication

(6) if the first Chinese heart know author surnames Avatar QQ red and MSN red would face so popular will apply for a patent, but the resources of the others, I think he was laughing now.

the Olympic Games are the people of the world’s common civilization, so far, that is, at the time of the Olympic Games

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