nterpretation of the map in the mother of Ali’s advertising promotion skills

nterpretation of the map in the mother of Ali’s advertising promotion skills

we are not often see Ali mother forum Title: graph king buy my advertisement! "" I should fancy graph king station! "" figure king? Buy my

ads? "

most of these posts is not much to stand IP, just started the webmaster hair, the brothers have a reason to be excited – figure Wang recognized my advertising value".

when you look at these advertising, did not find what in particular, is very common and advertising, but was bought by the graph king have in common: the position on the first screen, than the cost of not more than 1 yuan, the price is less than 10 yuan.

may be a lot of nonsense, and now cut into focus, interpretation of the king of the map promotion means

map of the king’s products: figure Wang is the promotion of IDC services, host space, domain name, etc..

figure wang buy advertising purposes:


(halo, is similar with other advertisers)

figure Wang how to choose ad:

1, grab mom forum advertising

why did the king choose


1, Ali mother forum is full of small and medium-sized webmaster brothers, all potential customers.

2, and multi station cooperation, cooperation with a number of owners. Value is the webmaster you ah.

station is also a small space; station and then there is a small webmaster. If the product is good, each webmaster will be used to compare with the current host.

if it is not good, it doesn’t matter, the king to spend money to buy you to evaluate the host, you will have what mood? No, it is good, spend 2 dollars to buy you this station to see my product, and deepen the impression. Today is not to see it, there are 7 days, one day you click on their ads come in to see it, as long as you come to the webmaster, the other is to earn extra click.

3, word of mouth will be how?

needless to say, which do not know the king of the station do not know what station do not know Admin5? Figure Wang, the brand is very valuable. "Figure wangdage even when I have to advertisers, I bought advertising! Big brother too cattle B, so I moved, although only a few cents advertising, but can reflect the figure of big brother Wang amiable and easy of approach, do not show the shelf. To my station of advertising is to think highly of me! "

buy "Bora Chinese" (www.bolacn.com) of advertising is to look up to us is a small fry, to support our vulnerable groups


4, the king of a month

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