Tian purple storm again, giving up two room in Hangzhou

Tian purple storm again, giving up two room in Hangzhou

      alas… Really speechless, recently wanted to rent a server is really difficult, not the service is not good, that is faced with the inspection, choose a good IDC is not easy!

      purple field after the "823 incident", has gradually recovered, they wanted to rent in the server, it is willing to do with ah, in the October 12th inspection, Tian purple network of Hangzhou double room once again lead to some server fault net room staff said some server problems, hurt the other server. A problem with the server has been removed, the other server temporarily broken network.

      in the evening of October 12th, the official announcement of the announcement of the event, the following is the official announcement:

        Hangzhou double computer room server interrupt description

  because the individual server found bad information, seized the cabinet. Most of the local machine parts of the machine is sealed away. Specific opening time undetermined. This event may cause serious inconvenience to the majority of users and huge losses. The company is trying to find a solution.

          this night is a sleepless night for a double room on the server in Hangzhou station! The only thing they can do is wait, wait for a long time……

          however, the good news is not waiting for the server to re open, in consultation with the purple field customer service, customer service to another announcement address, its content is to give up Hangzhou Tian purple two room, the contents of the notice has not let me feel sad, to Chinese the Internet is also felt the infinite sorrow []. The following announcement:

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