Rice Unification or collapse the office in August last year has been leased

Rice Unification or collapse the office in August last year has been leased

[Abstract] a staff member of the rice unification network said that after the replacement of the office site of the rice network, but the specific address is unknown.


technology news (Zhu Xudong) April 23rd news, today morning, Tencent technology visited Fantong’s public address, is located in Beijing Xizhimen Xihuan Plaza T1 floor 16 floor office, found that the company had locked the glass door, the house has long been empty, the floor only scraps of paper and scattered manuals and other documents.

it is understood that the rice Unification since August last year, which has been leased, a network of rice leaves the staff said, after the replacement of the rice network office location, but the specific address is unknown.

according to Alex traffic data show that the site nearly a week PV traffic is very low, nearly January PV traffic is less than 40000, or even less than an active WeChat public subscription number one day traffic. Rice unification network and public comment, is the first line of Chinese food and beverage online booking site, providing restaurant reservation services, food and beverage discount coupons online catering electricity supplier website.


rice network was established in 2003, is also the first batch of restaurants to provide food and beverage booking site. Founder zangli Cheng Li Fantong also from their own needs, in a good agreement with friends after dinner, spend a lot of time looking for the restaurant. But he realized that where to eat, what to eat, the problem itself in the market.

originally founded rice unification model is very simple: the main restaurant put their information on food systems online, users can not only directional query and restaurant reservations, but also enjoy the Fantong discount agreement with the restaurant. The purpose is, discounts to attract users through traffic, ordering for the restaurant by the user to tap new customers.

profit model, Fantong revenue sources are divided into three categories: by closing the restaurant membership fee, 1000 yuan a year membership fee; followed by closing Commission, Fantong brought traffic to a restaurant, the restaurant to return 5% member commission to the consumer food systems network; finally, advertising and corporate customer service fees, such as contractors or annual training.

with the media in-depth cooperation, improve visibility. July 2008 Japan’s Asian investment led by nearly 30 million yuan venture capital. Covering 80 cities in China, the information of the restaurant 50.

however, catering electricity providers to get through online and offline, not only is the IT system docking so simple, behind the business process reengineering and customer service system also requires resources and capital investment. With the rise of group purchase industry, Fantong business impact, tried to launch a "git group", there is no improvement. In 2011 after the existing movement. Now the industry came out, rice unification network providers encounter debt, but found that the office has long been empty.

news yesterday that the rice unification network has been in a state of collapse, Tencent technology verification found that rice Unification official website fantong.com page has been unable to open, the official 400?

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