By international investment banks listed difficult abandon the United States Wo Wo Group

By international investment banks listed difficult abandon the United States Wo Wo Group

after the "lottery door" and "layoffs door, group purchase website Wo Wo Group meet IPO (initial public offering) blocked the storm. Yesterday, there is news that Wo Wo Group is planning to be listed on the United States, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and other international investment banks refused to listing business. Wo Wo Group chairman and CEO Xu Maodong in micro-blog responded, "Wo Wo Group IPO is according to the original plan. Due to the relevant provisions of the U.S. law, to disclose details, including investment banks, including."

first test water IPO encounter obstacles is normal." The flow of Productivity Promotion Center analyst Liang Huanlei to the "international finance" said, overall, the domestic group purchase website is not mature, although the rapid development, but need to improve and integrate the process.

no man and: Company trouble ridden

in May 25th this year, Wo Wo Group in the "Wo Wo Group IPO launch press conference announced the launch of a high-profile IPO program to the United States, and announced the first round of financing is expected to exceed $200 million, investors were CDH, Tian You and Qing Dynasties, and Bauhinia Jia Shi and other institutions.

reports quoted sources as saying that several investors released by Wo Wo Group, impossible to come up with $200 million to Wo Wo Group. The source analysis, the only known is the CDH branch, but the investment advisory business mainly clear, its investment fund investment amount is very small, "Wo Wo Group also in the millions of dollars". The CDH investments in Wang Gongquan "elopement" before the operation of investment of $20 million, but then no one took over the project, other investors are unidentified.

Wo Wo Group

itself is the negative news. The reporters found that the layoffs door continues to ferment: yesterday morning, Wo Wo Group dismissed employees rights agent Zhao Zhanling micro-blog said, "now Beijing, Shenzhen, Handan four Erdos, a total of 30 people participated in human rights", "according to the laid-off employees, there are many places the whole substation are removed, the total number of affected to statistics".

Negative news

one after another to Wo Wo Group listed on the road to cast a shadow. An anonymous Internet analyst on the "international finance" reporter pointed out that the number of underwriters refused to agent may be "taking into account the development pattern of small group purchase website all rely on a large number of assembled Wo Wo Group is not mature enough", "broke out from layoffs, dig angle can be seen in the storm and its management there are some problems, is a potential risk".

No "

day": shares in cold case

in fact, Wo Wo Group not only not "and" no "day". A big background, China stocks are experiencing "cold outside". Statistics show that Chinese stocks in the U.S. stock market was strong, the NASDAQ China Index rose from 195.23 points in December 30, 2010 to 244.45 points in April 25th. However, beginning in late April, China stocks hit Wall Street integrity questioned, Jonas.

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