Taiwan, Google is responsible for AdSense advertising in the show over one hundred million times

Taiwan, Google is responsible for AdSense advertising in the show over one hundred million times

according to Taiwan media reports, Google (Google) in the new revision of the search results page, general manager of Google Taiwan Jian Lifeng share the development of the service since the establishment of an office in taiwan. He said that the current accession to the Google AdSense site has more than ten thousand, while in Taiwan to provide advertising impression (display number) more than 100 million times a day.

Google on 2006 formally established in Taiwan office, citing a city as Jane Lifeng data pointed out that since entering Taiwan, Google search (including google.com.tw and google.com two network) in Taiwan arrival rate increased from 65.5% to 86.5%. In addition, according to Google’s own figures, the current Google Taiwan advertising network site has more than ten thousand, up to 97% of Internet users in Taiwan, and the daily impressions (show) more than one hundred million times.

at the beginning of this year’s world group is terminated to hold online advertising business, which makes Google in Taiwan advertising agency from three only two. Jane said this Lifeng Google network, the advertising business is still let advertisers directly through the network orders, but the agents of this year will continue to actively look for.

in the description of the new version of the search results page when Jane Lifeng stressed that the three key design, including intelligent and fast (instant content updates) and localization. But for the current part of the American version of the function is not seen in Taiwan, such as product search, Jane Lifeng did not specify when Taiwan version will be added.

also pointed out that each place Jane Lifeng, popular Google services are not the same. While in Taiwan, it is surprising that Google Scholar (Academic Search) compared to other regions especially popular in the Google global ranking, Taiwan ranked 10 Top market; and Google (translation language tools) in traditional use Chinese version of the world’s highest proportion of users. Although the Google translation in Spanish and English translation most frequently used, but if the considerations for using population and consumption, the proportion of users the highest fan version.

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