Local stations from start to success to failure

Local stations from start to success to failure

      now the mood is very sad, very sad. Sometimes I really want to cry, although I told myself, this is a man, not so fragile, but, in fact, I have to admit it, had to admit their own weakness, also hate their ignorance, hate myself more narrow. Be loopholes. I also learned the lessons learned from the experience.

      Hangzhou in August this year, come back, I began my head, hurried to buy space, the good domain name registration, my station is a local real estate began operations, the time domain name registration, COM and CN are not registered, but I do not know how, actually only registered CN and COM put down. In third days after registration after CN I go to register.Com, but has been registered, which laid the foreshadowing for my failure. I really hate my ignorance.

      because it is a local station in the local, so put a lot of money for publicity, the effect is very good, Baidu GG search engine ranking is also quite good, has been stable in the first place, the local real estate to another station hung in the back, soon after a few of the single real estate advertising it can be said that this has been a success. Let me more confidence to do so, to collect some real estate news every day, Baidu included too hard, once a day, also often received some villagers outside the phone, consult the local real estate information, which makes me very satisfied. I feel that my station is an important window of foreign local real estate. To the villagers outside the home to convey the real estate information. Advertising has been filled, are local enterprises, the price also makes me very satisfied, I thought that the day would have been so calm down.

      however, in November 7th. My heart is broken… Completely broken.

      November 7th the day after the news. In addition, the query Baidu collected, suddenly found that fourth had not previously familiar with the station (the top three are my station), it is my station. My TITLE is too familiar… But opening a look, was dumbfounded. Although this station and I exactly the same, but the domain name is.Com,.Com in front, and I am the same, this domain name, is the original I did not fall registered.Com. This.Com not only do our local real estate, and even the content of the entire station actually and I even advertising and customer as like as two peas, record number is me, just at the bottom of the address, he replaced the phone outside a QQ. He stole my station. Was very shocked, very nervous, then contact the QQ, two people talk is not smooth, as the intention is not reached, or I buy his.Com, or he bought my station, and I was subjected to a threat. I don’t know how he got my entire station program and data, combined.

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