Stationmaster net exclusive interview Dujiangyan stationmaster we are OK

Stationmaster net exclusive interview Dujiangyan stationmaster we are OK

early in the day of the earthquake (May 12, 2008), once found a stationmaster net article: the difficult process of novice webmaster for 3 months, the Dujiangyan forum webmaster old A website growth experience, this article is published in at 1:40 in the webmaster online, only less than half an hour away from the earthquake.

Admin5 once called the stationmaster net friend: "time 13:40: Sichuan Dujiangyan forum webmaster how are you?", and made the following appeal: "if there is in the Sichuan area of the station, also welcome the local area confirmed disaster information released to the webmaster nets, let millions of owners know in time Sichuan disaster situation let us contribute to the people in the disaster area, the concern on the network"


in the 15 day after the earthquake, finally connect to a webmaster webmaster friends: Dujiangyan? _o Yan Nobel, O, Qingcheng College Forum ( more fortunately, the old friend A, he confirmed to the editor: old A

are all right now!

friend to tell his story: "because I was not in Chengdu in Dujiangyan, the afternoon to return to Dujiangyan but the highway was closed, we are all Sichuan Vocational College of Industry and Commerce students can only learn some things in our school through friends."

Adsense nets:

1 relief supplies have reached

2 Dujiangyan disaster situation how

3 Dujiangyan webmaster circle friends are well

4 what is the local help?

Dujiangyan Webmaster:

relief supplies have arrived in Dujiangyan, but not all of them are distributed to Dujiangyan, because there is still much to be desired. Dujiangyan is very serious, you should see a lot of pictures, the school has been basically unable to use the housing, cracks.

Dujiangyan station are very good, I now know (Dujiangyan online, Dujiangyan 114 forum, forum, Qingcheng, youth online all right.

need a lot of water, because now Dujiangyan is not drinking tap water, food, milk powder (this is important), need to use tools and some relief (Jack….) requires a large number of masks and bleaching powder cold medicine analgesic anti-inflammatory ~~~~~

Adsense nets:

now the situation of the disaster areas can not simply talk about

Dujiangyan Webmaster:

communication is basically restored, water, can only wash things, some areas have electricity, the other is bad (people still sleep inside the tent), there is a great need for a lot of

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