Taking a foreign domain sweep yellow lift illegal showmanship or punished

Taking a foreign domain sweep yellow lift illegal showmanship or punished

reporter recently found that the domain name "moving" has become a hot topic in many webmaster forums.

it is understood that from the beginning of last year, the network real name system and the regulation of Internet pornographic information action, so that some of the domestic small and medium sites and related service providers are affected, the flow will also be affected. This phenomenon allows foreign domain name service providers to see the opportunity, it is reported that one of the world’s largest domain name service provider GoDaddy from the end of last year to increase promotional efforts in China, to induce the Chinese website domain name, move".


has questioned the legitimacy of the industry to the foreign service provider behavior, "GoDaddy this is China crime against the wind, will have ICANN (Internet domain name and address management organization) and the Ministry of punishment".

the "daily economic news" reporter in the day before yesterday will reflect the matter to the relevant departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology, has not yet received feedback.

domain name moving tide

foreign domain name service provider "showmanship"

GoDaddy at the end of last year, the first high-profile announced the upcoming online payment platform and cooperation, convenience of online transactions, followed by a $0.99 / year · ultra low price registration opened.COM domain (TLD) preferential activities. It is worth noting that, GoDaddy said that the registration of foreign domain name procedures are very simple, do not need to fill in the domain name owners of real information, only need to leave e-mail can be completed.

GoDaddy this series of promotional initiatives coincides with the ministries of the joint remediation of Internet pornography action to the climax of the time. Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CN-NIC) announced that, from December 14th onwards, the domain name is registered to provide written "three certificates" (the official seal of the domain name application form, business license or registration certificate of organization code, contact identity), this means that individual users will not be the domain name registration. At the same time, due to room inspection and re filing, a large number of sites can not be opened for a long time the situation is still continuing.

GoDaddy the main psychological trends at well versed in small website, seize the opportune moment to playing advertising. The "daily economic news" reporter found, GoDaddy in addition to the major sites, forums, chat group released ".COM exit the domain name registration procedure is fast and simple, and does not need to fill in personal or company information and other information domain owner, also hired a domestic public relations company specializing in marketing, to the specific people push mail.

intends to take China combat Internet pornographic "ride" is not only the foreign domain name service provider, and the commercial acumen such as IXWebHosting, HostEase and other foreign host service provider. Is still the end of last year, the United States virtual hosting service provider IXWebHosting officially launched the Chinese website, providing Chinese guest

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