Some suggestions on the imitation station

Some suggestions on the imitation station

before writing this article, want to ask the webmaster, his ideas do you have? Do you have imitation station (and others station do you used as like as two peas)? Support imitation station? What do you think of your imitation station


in today’s society, the rapid pace of life, so that the office workers have a lot of dependence on the network, a lot of fuzzy thinking in the mold, do not know what to think.

occasionally, think of doing a web site navigation to facilitate Internet navigation, due to a large number of Web site navigation, all of which are copied HAO123 or 265 or 114, I feel that there is no future.

finally spent more than a month’s time, the site is set up, the next is to invest in the content and promotion of the site. In a bubble jar to see "love who can provide 361 site navigation", was very surprised, and damn it? See, the child said: "love is 361 site navigation style, the author hopes to provide or which imitation", thought, a good, good an imitation of it, this is not just a website… This is a webmaster effort and ideal (every webmaster is so think), so easy to say "provide… Imitation station…" And then found more and more multi station appeared, and do it all is exactly the same, quite cattle B (which I do not stand the specific), after seeing really depressed..

here I want to tell the love imitation webmaster, do not stand by "bovine B technology", not by the moment but the idea of perseverance and prompted by a sudden impulse. The layout of the site do not know, you can, you can learn, I do not oppose the draw, because everyone’s ideas are limited to find other people’s shortcomings to make up for themselves, in order to make a better stand. There is no law today, imitation of this, tomorrow imitation of that, can be successful? You have seen that a few people stand to imitate the well-known

?The success of the

are to be imitated, I hope you get rid of the habit of getting something for nothing, make yourself is your heart want most.

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