Taobao reiterated Taobao customers to promote the standard inside and outside the attack station acc

Taobao reiterated Taobao customers to promote the standard inside and outside the attack station acc webmaster network news: at noon on August 11th Taobao Union issued a new notice: on the promotion of Taobao customer specification statement (reiterated). Since Taobao said passenger line of business has been rapid development, the network has become one of the largest group of occupation, in order to make Taobao passenger industry healthy and rapid development, the protection of consumer rights and Taobao customers, this specification is formulated. The statement reads as follows:

cited content:

first, the site appearance

in order to avoid misleading to consumers, according to the relevant laws and regulations, cooperate with the site and individuals prohibit the use of (including but not limited to) the following forms of promotion.

A. uses sites that are not legally filed;

B. website domain name contains "Ali", "Alibaba", "Taobao" and the name of the company’s other companies, trademarks of Chinese, English, Pinyin, all or the core part of the.

C. page, pictures and other violations of the Ali group’s companies including any trademark, name right, copyright, or "LOGO pattern (e.g. Taobao ant pattern), specific language (for example" Taiwan Museum ").


D. website (for example: title, website, company introduction, the founder, said the intention) and Ali group including under any company or its executives have a relationship (for example: equity / control / joint venture relationship, partnership, interpersonal relationship, agency relationship, alliance and strategic cooperation relationship in addition, etc.) or claiming to have Taobao customers other than business contact.

E. website on Ali group, including any of the company’s hostile or offensive content;

F. all other acts to mislead consumers to buy.

two, promotion behavior

any promotion shall be within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, and in line with generally accepted ethical standards. The following acts are prohibited (including but not limited to)

A. exaggerate or induce others to purchase by false language;

B. to illegal means (such as viruses, Trojans, etc.) forced others to browse the behavior of the site, such as forced to modify the home page, etc.;

C. uses violent marketing (such as mass mailing, blog forum IM and so on) and so on to the user adverse effects;

D. violation of accepted ethical standards, resulting in adverse effects on the behavior of

E. all other non normal means of forcing consumers to clinch a deal.

F. all other violations of laws and regulations to promote the conduct of.

for this specification, Taobao has the right to supplement or amend the actual situation. Taobao has the right to terminate cooperation at any time, including but not limited to individuals and groups that are in violation of Taobao’s marketing practices

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