Charge row seating Google shopping will become Taobao home page

Charge row seating Google shopping will become Taobao home page



May 31st, Google announced that it will begin this fall, its Shopping search (Google Product Search), renamed Google Google (shopping mall)". Google shopping project vice president of product management Sameer Samat said: "we have started in the United States will try Google product search into a purely commercial project, which will make people better at taking" Google shopping "this platform to manage their goods."

Chicago Tribune reported that it was a matter of controversy caused in the U.S. electricity business. According to the advertising decision search results of seating, with Google’s image of this just don’t conflict with


"before the fall, the results of the search only related to the keywords, and completely free. But according to Google’s plan for the next step, the user sees the merchandise search results, will be invested by the amount of goods dealers and advertising efforts to decide." A company’s executives complain.

Google has been working on the list and search for more than and 10 years. During this period, numerous businesses are free to communicate with customers, Google itself by paying the merchant’s advertising organized display or interspersed in the list of unpaid businesses to collect advertising costs. Online market channel technical service provider Mercent CEO Best believes that this allows eBay, Amazon and other electricity providers can also profit through Google.

but with the change of the Google mode, it will not exist. This change is likely to greatly enhance Google’s profit and return from retail advertising, an increase of about 40% of the original advertising revenue.

for businesses, this change is good or bad.

is bad, businesses have had to Google bidding in order to obtain the electric business performance improvement. Free lunch is gone.


industry has rankled the reasons, but also because Google search has always been to non profit, not by money manipulation is known. This "money on seating, completely subvert the original search method" to the relation of seating theory, this shopping search results tends to be the highest bidder wins ", is no longer suitable for every advertiser.

but the advantage is that buyers search for goods, will be able to get more intuitive search results. Because completely free, Google’s old system has become difficult to manage because there is no cost, many businesses will be a large number of goods listed on the internet.

and into the new era of charges, garbage information will be greatly reduced at least. Samat, vice president of product management at Google’s shopping mall, said in his blog that the shift in business relationships will lead to the distribution

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