Hungry on the order of the day to break the 5 million ranks among the top third nternet trading pla

Hungry on the order of the day to break the 5 million ranks among the top third nternet trading pla

delivery service platform hungry 7 announced, hungry trading platform on orders for the first time in 5 million, officially became the domestic single business orders third Internet trading platform, after Taobao and didi express.

According to the ratio of

consulting released 2016 first takeaway market report, the first quarter of 2016 the overall takeaway market transactions amounted to 23 billion 100 million yuan, approximately equal to the first three quarters of last year, and. With the increase in market demand, increase the coverage of the city, the habit of consumer habits, hungry, the size of the transaction in 2016 is expected to continue to maintain rapid expansion.

hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao said, hungry is not a Internet Co, but a Internet plus takeaway food company, not only do O2O example of the new economy, but also to undertake to promote the catering services industry upgrading and innovation in food safety responsibility, faith, technology and innovation driven, providing safer and more wonderfull life for users.

recently, hungry announced that it will build the company level departments: Department of food safety, food safety supervision and full independence is responsible for the affairs of the whole platform, the food safety department to report directly to CEO, who will be for the national and global industry experts. At present, hungry and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Lu Boxun food safety research center has reached a cooperation, the two sides will cooperate in the field of food safety training, food quality monitoring and other fields. At the same time, as the first launch of the restaurant Houchu live takeaway platform, currently hungry "bright kitchen stove" project has launched a pilot in 11 city, and plans to open up hungry "and APP end, make the ordering process more transparent.

it is understood that in the past year, hungry on the platform category and the consumer scene constantly digging the needs of users, not only expand the fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, supermarkets, convenience stores and other categories, while providing from meals to the afternoon tea, supper and full time for consumer services. In May this year, hungry, afternoon tea, supper time orders compared to last year, an increase of 243%, 235%, and the hungry day fruit category of turnover has reached 3 million yuan, equivalent to 100 acres of Apple sold every day.

data show that hungry have settled in more than and 700 cities nationwide, the platform users more than 70 million people, equivalent to one in every one of the Chinese people use the hungry takeaway service.

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