Micro-blog marketing do you think you are in fact you with marketing

Micro-blog marketing do you think you are in fact you with marketing

this morning, two micro-blog is the most fire, one is @ millet fans club hair, a cat cafe with @ Shu wind, the content is exactly the same.



word games

"if the London Olympic Games at the end of China team also ranked first in the gold medal, we decided to participate in forwarding and attention: @ a millet fans club sent 2 mobile phone millet (listed after cash). Out of his own pocket, I have my word."


cheat powder no lower limit

I like playing word games lottery is not the first time to see, like millet @ fan clubs such grassroots account, its purpose is to engage in activities to pull fans and sell advertising, its content in order to attract attention, but to attract attention, don’t talk about integrity and limit.



is a word game, but there are people who support

is a lie, can make you impressed, although a bad impression, but also value, but also attracted many people constantly mail forwarded to scold him, besides, there are still people who send a mobile phone support activities.

here is just a marketing cost, do not know whether it will send the millet mobile phone fair, if overwhelmed, just to make an account.

stupid follow behavior


, @ cat cafe villa suit is really stupid, and then draw out these before micro-blog, you should consider the consequences, taking into account the reaction of the audience, the feeling of being deceived is very bad, especially in social network by your friends that "you fool, you cheated and this kind of feeling, is done in a public occasion, will let you love me I feel very uncomfortable.


how to save the wrong


villa @ cat cafe with @ millet fan clubs are very different, this is a store at the cafe administrative micro-blog, administrative micro-blog self-cultivation first is sincere, heart operation, the result is…

is a free micro-blog, there will be countless abuse


how to turn a bad thing into a good thing?

although, and no one really to set fire to paint, but the behavior of the damage caused by the brand is great. Do you have a remedy?

! Sincere apology, don’t try to hide your mistakes, better recovery is the compensation promised that every forward (the original micro-blog word games) or apologize for micro-blog fans, can store to try to drink a cup of coffee free sign, >

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